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This Page contains my collection of informative Texts and Links.


Binary Numbers and Bit Patterns
74 Series TTLs Overview
Memory Sizes of DRAMs
Monitor Sizes and Fitting Resolutions
Charactersets from ASCII and ISO 646 Variants to ISO-8859-1 and Win-1252
Partial 63 Character 7bit ASCII Font for 7 segment displays
Full 94 Character 7bit ASCII 3x5 Font for 4x6 matrix displays
Full 94 Character 7bit ASCII 3x6 (with underline 3x7) Font for 4x8 matrix displays
Full 94 Character 7bit ASCII 5x5 Font for 6x6 matrix displays
Full 94 Character 7bit ASCII 5x7 (with underline 5x10) Font for 6x12 matrix displays
Web browser 216 colours 3x2 blocks of 6x6
Web browser 216 colours 6x1 blocks of 6x6
Colour Combinations for Smaller DACs


Collecting Old Iron
PDP-11 Overview
SGI IRIS Family Tree
robotron K1003 Desk Calculator - comparision HP 9810 (in German)
Apple 1 - Wozmon ROM Hex Dump
Apple 1 - Wozmon ROM Symbolic Dump
Apple 1 - Wozmon ROM Listing
Apple 1 - Hardware and Software Analysis (in German)
Apple 1 - Wozmon ROM translated to 6800
Apple 1 - Wozmon ROM translated to 6809


Databook Chips&Technologies 386/AT CHIPSets
Why Objective C is better than C++
Instruction Sets Collection
Palmtop Selection
Directions and Challenges in High Performance Microprocessors (Recording of Lecture by Prof John L. Hennessy)


DeCSS, strip CSS from HTML
icmp - Network services
/etc/services - Network services
Netcat 1.10, an absolutly cool networking tool
Netsend, send DOS programs as self extracting ASCII file
Usenet Acronyms

World Wide Web

How Advertisers try to Subvert Searches
Internet Junkbuster, kills Advertising-GIFs, Cookies, Referers
    and here is my Blockfile

Hackers Ideology

A Beautiful obsession with the binary world
A Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace
Emulation Situation of Law and Moral
The GNU Projects Manifesto
The Hacker FAQ
The Hackers Jargon File
Costfree Information (in German)
The Netizen Anthology
What is a Hacker? (in German)
Web will make Software Paradigm Shift

Linux is Better

A Banks gets an ATM crash using NT
A Banks gets the Blues using NT
Linux PC beats Cray 2, equals C90
A Users Blues after Trying to Use SCO
A Users Blues with SCOs 16bit inodes
Winword Report (in German)
BMW rund better without Windows Ad (picture)
MS anti-Linux Mutating Penguin Ad (picture)

Security and Law

Computer Risks
Echelon Spy Network
IAB and IESG Statement on Cryptography
Learning Security Programming
NSA blocks Free Usage of Tripple DES
Pentium F0 Bug (in C)
Netscape SSL cracked (C code)
Teardrop, overlapping IP Fragments (in C)
Top general vulnerabilities
WinBomber, Winnuke with IP Spoofing (in C)
Winnuke, Port 139 TCP Out-Of-Band (in C)
Official Report 1988 Internet Worm (in PostScript)

Optical Illusions

Ear and Woman (picture)
Ball on Horizontal and Vertical Rectangles (picture)
Squares on Slashes (picture)
Square and Ball on Rays (picture)
Horizontal Lines on Vertical Bands (picture)
Dots on Crossing Points betweeen Squares (picture)
Gray Vanishes when Black Spot Viewed (in German, picture)
Perspective (picture)
Striped Rings Rotate (picture)
Circles with Light/Dark in Between (picture)
Eyes with Light/Dark in Between (picture)

Other Stuff

Traveling to SCOG Winterthur Club House (in German)
Bibel Errancy and Contradictions
Freq Asked Questions about Douglas Adams
Earth Lights (picture)
MIT Guide to Lockpicking
The Principia Discordia in ASCII and in HTML

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