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Neil Franklin's Hackers Jargon File Page

This Page contains my collection of the Hackers Jargon File.

This file is a dictionary of hackers language usage, written by hackers themselves. It gives a good insight into their way of thinking.

Note: This is about REAL hackers (those that play with computers, not those that break into computers).

The README file from Version 3.1

Version 1, date 82-11-14 (ASCII, 87299 Bytes)
   the oldest surviving Version

Version 2.9.11, date 01 JAN 1993 (ASCII, 1147342 Bytes)
P.S.: has anyone out there still got any copies of older 2.* Versions? If you have, please mail me where I can download them from, the same also version 3.3.

Version 3.0, date 27 JUL 1993 (ASCII, 1169090 Bytes)
   text of the book The New Hackers Dictionary

Version 3.1, date 15 OCT 1994 (ASCII, 1193818 Bytes)

Version 3.2, date 21 MAR 1995 (ASCII, 1226358 Bytes)

Version 4.0, date 24 JUL 1996 (ASCII, 1281402 Bytes)

Version 4.1, up to date (HTML, multi page and HTML tarball)
   the official HTML version on ESRs website

And as an added goodie: TMRC Dictionary, precursor of Jargon File

And an other added goodie: IBM Jargon (in ASCII 132 column!)

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