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This is my archive of the old CCW server, which I once (1996 to 1998) as then club president (1996 to 1997) operated. After the new president switched on his new page I archived the old one here, state beginning 1999.

Jan 2001 this archive was taken offline after a threat of suing by the new president because of "putting data of the club on the web".

See my archive of the then made Censorship Page for details of this twisting of law.

Nov 2003 (after nearly 3 years!) he has again complained that "the data are still online". After my remark that this page has long ago been removed (yes, I informed him about it then), he at long last remarked, that it is not about this page, but rather the page of the club member database editor program that I had written then as president (and secretary previously).

After I at long last knew what his target was, I was able to enlighten him, that the "ccw.dbf" file there is only an "empty" (= only field definitions) database file (without this the program does not run!), which he erringly regarded as a copy of the club membership database!

Enlightening him 5 years ago (and so defusing the entire fight) was before impossible, because despite twice asking on my part, which file is disturbing him (I expected one somewhere in this page), he steadfastly denied saying which and simple shouted aroung "all data must go". And getting the idea, that he with "data" meant a program and database definition, was something that never occured to me.

So from Jan 2004 on the archive is back online:

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The Computer Club Winterthur (CCW) is a group of people, who want to exchange their experiences with Personal Computern. It was founded on the 12th of March 1982 by 9 original members, 5 of them from the Astronomical Society Winterthur (AGW).

We support all types of computer systems, from programmable calculators up to mainframes. The original membership consisted mainly of 8bit microcomputers, ca 50% Commodore PET&Co and 50% Z80-CP/M (that was 1982!). In time the membership has changed, today it is mostly 80x86 PCs, ca 50% Windows-3.11/95 and 50% others (OS/2 and Linux).

At the moment the club has 49 members.

Membership dues for 1997 are SFr. 50.- for adults, SFr. 30.- for joungsters (under 16 years).

For the Details here are our Bylaws.

Applications are to be sent to the president. Either in writing or by email. They should include: name, postal address, telephone number, email address.

The Club

Main activity is the "Hock". We meet 2 times per month (on the first and third Tuesday) for the evening from 20.00 to 23.00 in the restaurant Tössrain in Wülflingen by Winterthur. There we discuss about computers and anything else we just happen to think about.

Some of these evenings are replaced by lectures by members.

Once every year we have a grill party on a Saturday afternoon and evening. This takes place on the ground of the Alsatian dog club (SCOG) Winterthur.

Current calendar of events.

Club Server

New since 2/3 of a year is our club server (there where you got this page from). This offers the members multiple services:

A mail address converter: This converts addresses of the type Name.Family@ccw.ch to the addresses of the actual mailboxes of the members. This avoids the necessity, that members must track the constanly changing addresses of club colleagues.

A mail list distributor: This distributes mails to ccw@ccw.ch to all registered members and mails to board@ccw.ch to the entire board.

(Advertisers Note: We do not want any of your junk! These addresses are soley for the internal communication of the user group).

A Web server: This offers every member space for personal home pages. These can be reached at http://www.ccw.ch/Name.Family/.

A processor server: This is on a machine, which is continouosly on the net. Usefull for regularily rerun net-scan-und-mail-the-result-programs.

Club Ethernet

Also new is the CCW Ethernet at the Hocks. Every member gets an own address block (256 addresses), so that no address collisions take place. A club wide /etc/hosts file is kept. Our Ethernet addresses are synchronised with those of the LUGS.
This page is by CCW Sysadmin, last modification 1998.03.30

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This page is by Neil Franklin, last modification 2004.01.03