The Gates
of Hell


My opinions are mine and might not be yours, nor my providers nor any companies one. But they might be anyway. And you might find explicit words such as 'fuck' here as well as obscenities as 'Microsoft' and 'Windows 95'. They're not in anyway copyrighted by me.

Microsoft, Windows95 and WindowsNT are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. And they can keep them.

A Serious Treat to the Market

Why Microsoft is a serious treat to the market and free trade.

Really Bad Programs

Microsoft has brought us some really bad, misbehaving and buggy operating systems and applications. Here some Information about bugs, security holes and design-failures.

What to do?

What can be done against Microsoft? A very good compilation of actions against Microsoft can also be found on the 'Boycott Microsoft' Page.


The mighty don't appreciate the power of laughter. So these are some 'Haha, only serious'es. Something which can definitely be done against Microsoft is to laugh about them.

Last Words

I hope these aren't the last words that are said against Microsoft. I think, if we inform as much people as possible about Microsoft, there will be some change. Information is everything. I also think, there shows some success, for instance in a growing number of Linux-Users, or for instance in corporations changing their servers recently from WindowsNT to a Unix. In more and more software ported to Unix. In computer magazines suddenly publishing tip for Linux. And so on. It's not too late, we still can say 'No' to Microsoft. Thanks to everyone supporting this fight against Microsoft.


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