Save HTTP !

... because some people need it.

What is this about?

The simple old HTTP web protocol (the dialog used by browsers to fetch web pages from servers) is getting exterminated by ever more web admins. By blocking it, or usually redirecting it to HTTPS. This is meanwhile the case at over 90% of all web sites.

Reason for this, by their statements, is that they, out of fear of the state, want to encrypt everything (which HTTPS does). They do this though not only with their own web traffic, and offer it to others for facultative use. Rather they are also forcing it onto all others, no matter whether these want it or are even capable of using it. Who does not comply with this, simply gets thrown out of over 90% of the web!

Who are affected by this?

How many are affected by this?

What can one do against this?

Attempts, to bring these web admins to their senses, have failed for over 2 years. More then 90% of the addressed have completely refused to take notice of any arguments.

Because of this situation, this awareness campaign is now being run, to inform the affected and others helping them. Aim is, to spread this campaign, to reach the employers of the web admins. They are losing the above affected as readers and potential customers, sabotaged by the behaviour of their admins. They therefore have an interest, and are in a position, to take action against such web admins.

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