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House Rules
Middle Earth
Tips für Liverollenspieler
Luemmel "Seegras" Bessamer
Portable Play

You might be a Gamer if...

The World of Arr-Kelaan
The Character Races of Arr-Kelaan

End of the Line LP Mud
EotL Game Info
EotL Races

willkommen in outrider's realm
TORPS - The Outrider's Role Playing System

Conkalender der GFR

Werwolfs Neulich Seiten

Häufig gestellte Fragen in de.rec.spiele.rpg.misc

Zitate aus unserer Rollenspielgruppe

Fantasy Rollenspiel

Canonical List of Famous Last Words

GURPS Frequently Asked Questions
GURPS Lite, GURPS in 32 pages
GURPS LITE An Introduction to Roleplaying

Desirable Generic RPG Qualities

Fudge Links (Freeform, Universal, Do-it-yourself Gaming Engine)
Fudge Frequently Asked Questions
Fudge Designer's Notes
Recent Thoughts on Fudge
Five-point Fudge: A Character Creation System for Fudge
Fudge Characters
Sherpa RPG - Introduction

The unofficial FUDGE page
[File FUDGE1, #1 of 10]
[File FUDGE2, #2 of 10]
[File FUDGE3, #3 of 10.]
[File FUDGE4a, #4 of 10.]
[File FUDGE4b, #5 of 10.]
[File FUDGE5, #6 of 10.]
[File FUDGE6a, #7 of 10.]
[File FUDGE6b, #8 of 10.]
[File FUDGE7a, #9 of 10.]
[File FUDGE7b, #10 of 10.]

CORE Character Oriented Roleplaying Engine

GAME : Greatly Abbreviated Mechanics, Etc.

The Madness
The Window
What it is
The Rules
Optional Rules
The Art of Storytelling

Warlock Black Spiral
The Setting
The Characters
The Dark arts
The Rules
The Campaign

Das Volk der Rhwn Cor'rak

Die Geschichte Westandyras
Das Reich der Elfen
Von der Schoepfung der Elben
Die Bruderschaften der Magiebegabten

Die Länder Dagenthirs
Die sprechenden Rassen
Regelwerk - Einleitung

The World of Terra Viejo
World Information
Race Information
Class Information
Game Mechanics
Achea Timeline
Rome Timeline
Empire Timeline
Albion Timeline

Legolas FRP Index
Legolas RPG Index
Freeware and Shareware RPG Web Pages
Legolas RPG Font Repository
Legolas' Fantasy and Medieval Maps
Welcome to the World of Llanowar
W o L Window Edition

Anleitung zum Rollenspiel Paranoia
Tips fuer Verraeter
Coole Geschichten
Die Transportröhre


Was ist Gurps?

for fantasy writers: Patricia C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions

Grey Ghost Press, Inc
Welcome to FUDGE
Grey Ghosts Games Products

Role-Playing Games (fantasy genre FUDGE rules)
Anna's Fantasy FUDGE


The Sense of Wonder (Don Webb's Letters to the Fringe)

other hands (magazine devoted to the subject of fantasy role playing games set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth)
Magazine Index
Free Stuff!
Other Hands Artwork
Middle-earth Internet Links
A Bibliography of MERP

Why Games Cost What They Do

World Forge

Props for Tabletop Gaming

The Big List of RPG Plots

Imagination's Toybox, A Cinematic Universal Roleplaying System

Ars Magica Index
The World of Ars Magica
Ars Magica Resources


Welcome to My World/a>
These are collections gathered from years of being online
Interesting articles
Hypnotism / The Battle for Your Mind (Dick Sutphen)
Many Worlds FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions about the Many-Worlds or Relative State Formulation of Quantum Theory (Michael Clive Price)
What Magic??
Gaming pieces
Funny gaming quotes
GURPS: Faerie / Aborted Introduction to GURPS Faerie (Steffan O'Sullivan)
Magic Issues
Funny pieces
Movie Computers
Warning on Products / A Call for More Scientific Truth in Product Warning Labels (Susan Hewitt and Edward Subitzky)

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