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New Age Web Works (DEI)

Firewalking Home Page: experience, skeptics

Chakras - An Introduction (White Dove)

Astral Projection Home Page, A Collection of Astral Projection, OOBE & Lucid Dreams Resources on the Internet (Charles C Goodin)

Spirit-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on World Wide Web
SiteMap of Spirit-WWW
Out of Body Experience
Out of Body Experience FAQ (Jouni A. Smed)
OBE Observations (Bob Peterson)
Fourteen OBE Letters (Bob Peterson)
Cons Research Using the Out-of-Body Experience (Kevin de La Tour)
A Look At Lucid Dreaming and Out Of Body Experiences (Ian Wilson)
Lucid Dreaming
Near-Death Experience
Astral Planes
Seth's Concept
Spirit Teachings (William Stainton Moses)
Reiki Natural Healing
Perception of Subtle Realms (Rene K. Mueller)
Third Eye, Activation & Basic Usage (Rene K. Mueller)
Inner Realization vs. Technology (Rene K. Mueller)
Traveling with Space- and Beamships (Rene K. Mueller)
Pleiadian Beamships (Diverse Authors)
The Bermuda Triangle (Geoffrey Keyte)
Galactic Family, An Overview of Genotypes (Germane)
Fourth Dimension (Earth Is Not Spheroid) (Mark Hammons)
Convincing the Scientific Mind (Piers Eggett)

Near-Death Experience (Living Wills)


Commitee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal

Skeptic Annotated Bibliography

sci.skeptic FAQ

Swedenborg: When We Die (The New Church)
Who was Emanuel Swedenborg?
Life After Death
Swedenborg and the Near Death Experience
Selected Passages from Swedenborg

Robert (Bob) Peterson's Web Site
Out of Body Experiences
Lessons Out of the Body
Bob Peterson's Book+ List on OBEs

Obiwan's UFO Free Paranormal Page: ghosts

UFOs, Mysteries & Phenomena (A New World)

The Magic Code v0.92

Spiritualism today

Scientific Study of Psychic Phenomena (Bruce Dan Kettler)

Your Path to Transition

The Gnosis Archive
The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism

The Secular Web
Frequently Asked Questions
Historical Documents Subject Index
Modern Documents Subject Index
Is God A Criminal?
The Case Against Immortality (Keith Augustine)

James Randi Educational Foundation

Shadowlands Ghosts page - haunted places index

Koestler Parapsychology Unit - University of Edinburgh
Koestler Parapsychology Unit - University of Edinburgh (older site)
Extra Sensory Perception
Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems: DMILS

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)

DivisionTheory: heaven/hell, reincarnation, and ghosts

Aspects: Setting up "psychic protection" eg. before sleep

Mind Travel + (Matt Holmes)
Articles, Books, & FAQs
Astral Projection/OOBE Course by Don DeGracia

(old site) Robert Bruce's Astral Pulse
(old site) Treatise on Out of Body Experience
(old site) Training to See Auras V4
The Astral Pulse (Robert S Bruce)
Training Guides
Treatise On Astral Projection - Volume II
Training To See Auras - Version Four
NEW Energy Ways

Reiki - A Path of Unconditional Love (Roger)

Maybe (Robert Lauzeckas)

A Way to the Stars Without Exotic Physics! (Christopher Humphrey)

Parapsychology and personal survival after death
Channeling and the Presence Phenomenon
Death no End

Mind Travellers Main Page (Frodpod)
Others Who Have Joined
Welcome Back Travellers
next set of reports
next set of results
Rainbow Technique
Balloon Technique
Reading Technique
Snooze Bar Technique
Flasher Technique
Hypnogogia Technique
Ask Spirit for Help Technique
Visualization Technique

Dreamquest (Peter Fellows)
A Dreamwalking Account
Dreamwalker Tales
The Lay of the Land
Embark From Here!
The Dreamweaving Protocol
Other Teachers
About Peter Fellows

A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Out-of-Body Experience (Robert Bushman)
A Short Bibliography of OBE
A Comprehensive Bibliography of OBE
General Overviews of OBE
Case Histories of OBE
Scientific Inquiry into OBE
OBE Induction Methods

The Farsight Institute
SRV Experiments
What is Scientific Remote Viewing
SRV Vocabulary List
Welcome to The Farsight Institute's Online SRV Manual
The Scientific Remote Viewing Manual Online (Version 2.0.1)
Scientific Remote Viewing Training FAQ
Welcome to The Farsight Institute's Web Links Section!

featured: Joseph W McMoneagle
rv/ac science
rv references
rv weblinks
The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual
Six Studies of Out-of-the-Body Experiences (Charles T. Tart)

Beliefs About Quartz Crystal
Crystal Links

Consciousness Research Laboratory
Recommended References
Radin, Dean. (1997). The Conscious Universe.
Frequently Asked Questions
Page 2
Page 3

The Neurophone
Neurophone News

Neurophone & uclusters

Science of Human Vibrations

A new Technique for Viewing the Aura

Welcome to Wren's Brave New World
AstralNauts Of The World Unite ...
Julia Hawks-Moore Interview
List (alt.out-of-body) (old one)
List (alt.out-of-body) (new one)

Time Travel (Strangemag)
Practical Time Travel (Steven Gibbs)
Time Traveller (Ken Meaux)
Quantum Strangeness and Spacetime (Sherrill Roberts)
Visitors from Time: The Secret of the UFOs (Marc Davenport)

Frequency Page (Rick Tulloch)

Double-Terminated Crystal Multi-Figuration

Skywind's Psychic Pages
Practical Psychic
Aura Vision
Telepathy Experiments Online
FAQ on Psychic Abilities and Astral Projection
Skywind's Psychic Energy Illustrations
About Me and Psi

Adventures Beyond the Body (William Buhlman)

Viking Remote Viewing, Psychic Self Defence, UFOs and Crop Circles

alt.out-of-body Frequently Asked Questions

Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-Local Consciousness and Spiritual Healing


Both Sides Of The Mood (Jennifer Spengler)

Conciousness (Ian Wilson)
A Course On Conciousness
Out-Of-Body Experiences

How To Astral Travel (Khephera, C."Aaron Jason" Leitch)

Reasons To Believe (Dr. Hugh Ross)
Short Papers


"Opening The Lost Tombs...": The Enterprise Discovery

The Tower of Lanthinel
Tuatha De Danaan, Sidhe, Fae, Otherkin, and Other Occult Things
The Personal Pages
A Story of the Tir

The Elenari
A FAQ list of the Elenari
A Perspective on the Elenari
Star Elf's Interpretation (of the Septagram)
Memory Retrieval
So How do I Look Inside Anyway?
The Story So Far
The Scroll of Musings

An Historical Overview of the Whereabouts of Gnomes and Elves, Fauns and Faeries, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls and Bogies, Nymphs, Sprites, and Dryads, Past and Present (Mat Jacobson)

Synesthesia Symbiosis head (Rialian)
At the Core of Memory
Rememory and Ethics
Awakening, in the Tradition of 3lvz
Some Thoughts on Elves
The Elven Way
A Rant on "Elfness"
Elven Realities
An Elf's Story
The Perils of Remembering
Rise of the Elven Vor'jen
A Happier Elenari Story
Remembering - When Waking up hurts
Writings of TalLeonan
Some Descriptions of Elves
Elves in Teutonic Mythology
Tolkien and the Elves
The Fall of Alfheim
Elven Nation Transcripts
Words Remembered
Quenya-English Dictionary
Classes you'll Never See in College
The Tuatha De Danaan (Ardja)
Shadow Elves (Blade Dog)
Elves, Like Me (Stormchilde)
What Does the Star Mean?
Paths and Possibilities...
Walking the Thresholds
You have entered the Dragon Den of Eyovah
How to recall some memories
Magik and Energies by Eyovah
The awakening page
Reiki for the Magickal Practitioner
Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Elves
The EALD of the Silver Elves
Are you an elf?
A brief History of the Silver Elves in this Lifetime thus far...
Dark Elves

Eald of the Silver Elves
Elven Tree of Life Eternal
This is the path of the Wyzard-ress
The way of the Guru
The path of the Illusionist
The way of the Hatha Yogist
The path of the Shapeshifter
This is the path of the Raj Yogist
The Path of the Magician
The way of the Alchemist
The way of the Shaman
The path of the Mesmerist
The way of the Healer
Welcome to Elfin
Welcome to the Nether Realms
Welcome to the Faerie
Welcome to Elsewhere

PsyCom (Koda)
Koda's Psychic Window Technique
Koda Accepts Psychic Challenge
Mind Moving Matter, Koda on Telekinesis

Hemi-Sync Audio Technology

Traveling: An Accidental Expert's How-To Leave Your Body Handbook (Alan Guiden)

The Secular Paganist
A Resource for People Recovering from Religion

The Faerie Encyclopedia
Denizens of the Fey
Other Names for the Faerie
Where is Faerieland?
Faeries and Their Favorite Plants
Catalog of Faerie Trails

Lucid Dreams And OBEs (Susan Blackmore)

Welcome to TirNanOc, Isle of Dreams

Amanjaku's Campfire
Welcome to Tir Nan Oc.
Fae 101: The Basics
A Few Notes About Sidhe
Where'd We Lose the Faeries? A Bit of History
Transdimensional Theory
The Hitchiker's Guide to Other Realms
Dragons and Other Races
Miscellaneous Things
Written Sidhe
A Few Words on Dwarves (Ki'taye)
A History of Winged Cats (Tiernan)
Books to Read by Faerie Fire
Other Campfires

Kabbalah Centre

Sidhe | In Aeternum
The world of Faery
How do I know I'm Fae?
Bringing Faeryland back to Earth
Magick is all around you

Welcome (Kelurian)
An Elf is...

Welcome to the Iseum of the Green World!
Morgan le Fay
Manannan mac Lir
Playing Nice with Natural Energies
Faery vs. Nature Spirits
Articles on Awakening
Elenari Language Dictionary

CAWeb - Church of All Worlds
CAW Articles
We Are the Other People
Church of All Worlds Expanded Bibliography
Site Index

Christian Responses to Witchcraft and Sorcery
Christianity, Paganism and Literature


Consciousness (Ian Wilson)
Kevin's Triangle
Man finds his dreams really do come true

Gestatten, mein Name ist Franklin

Alt.Out-of-Body Unlimited!
Discovering how we Create and Control our Dreams

International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology
The Sciences
OBE Techniques

Wicca - one Form of Witchcraft
History of Wicca: Partly real; partly imaginary
Details of six types of witchcraft
Is Wicca a form of Satanism?
Are all Witches Equal: The Harry Potter books, and confusion about "witches" & "witchcraft"
Celtic Druidism
Neo Pagan Religious Traditions
New Age Spitrituality
The Occult
What is a "Pagan?"

Beyond brain death

OBJECTIVE: Christian Ministries (Mac is from the devil)

Share Reiki International
Information for free
Japanese approach to Reiki
Hatsu Rei Ho (Meditation)

Esoteric Philosophy - Table of Contents (Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul)

The Complete Guide to Reiki
The Complete Guide to Reiki, Vol. I
The Complete Guide to Reiki, Vol. II

Welcome to the ReikiEvolution web site
About Reiki
Articles about Reiki
Symbols and Beyond
Restrictions on Reiki
The Importance of Intent
Rediscovering the Spirit of Traditional Usui Reiki
"Reiki Frequencies"

Reiki Plain and Simple
Consumer Protection

Harmony & Discord
An Introduction to Otherkin
What are Otherkin?
So... You're Awake?
The Shadow of Myth
The Shadow of Awareness
Find Your Own Truth
The Death of the Otherkin Community
Here and Now
Otherkin Behaviour Patterns
What's Magic?
Does Magic Work?
Older Folkore
Waiter! There's an Otherkin in my Medieval Soup!
Compassion and Non-Interference
ORC (Otherkin Resource Center) files
You could be Elven if...
Cryptoamnesia and Past Life Memories
Taxomony of Dannan sylvanus

Welcome to The Lostkin Project
The Lostkin Project: Links
The Lostkin Project : Techniques

Otherkin Reiki

Otherkin Resources Index
Otherkin FAQ v 4.0.1 (2/8/01)

The International Center for Reiki Training
Reiki News Articles
Reiki FAQ Homepage
The True History of Reiki

Barton Wendel Healing Page

Reiki for Friends and Family
You Can Do Reiki
Reiki Do's and Don'ts
Hand Placements
Receiving the Attunement

An Introduction (Naturalhealing, Earth Healing)

Jesus Gets The Thumbs Down On Healing
What I've Learned In Life
The God Memorandum
Reiki Links
Papers and essays on Reiki
Reiki Healing: No Matter Nor Energy. Just Being
Reiki: Esoteric therapy or quantum interaction?
R E I K I - A Path of Unconditional Love
Reiki An Overview
Reiki Attunements
The Basic Reiki Hand Positions
Thoughts and Suggestions on doing your Reiki Work
Articles and Other Random Thoughts About Energy Work
La Luna Reiki, The Story

Verein Yoga für Alle

Kundalini Information & Kundalini Network
Investigation and Diagnosis ot 76 Cases of Kundalini Arousal
Dying Cultural Factors
When the Serpent bites
Kundalini & Liberating breathing or Rebirthing
Question of Tolerance

Welcome to the Martinus Institute Webpage
Martinus Cosmology
Articles by Martinus

Global psychics
Global Psychics Site Map
Empowerment of the Self, Through Connections With the Soul
Practical Magic
The Physics of Living a Magical Life
Can't meditate, or can't go deep enough?
Tips on Being Psychic
the truth about curses
On Being Psychic
Life as a Psychic
The Value of Developing Your Psychic Abilities
Use It or Lose It?
The Art of Scanning
All About Communicating With Animals and Nature
Want to communicate with the animals in your life?

Hello and welcome to Mapletree Magick
A Faery Good Research Paper

The Real Face Of Jesus

Why Elves?
Recommended Readings - The Faerie Experience

The Home page of Randy Constan alias Peter Pan
The Home page of Peter Pan

The Aikido FAQ
Introduction To Aikido
The concept of Ki in Aikido
The Development and Psychology of Bushido and Budo
Stories & Anecdotes
Related FAQ's

Aikido in Switzerland

Association Culturelle Suisse d`Aikido

aikido institut

Ki-Aikido Schule Luzern

Willkommen auf der Home-Page Ki-Aikido Deutschland
Ki-Aikido Literatur
Die FUN-Seite des Aikido-Dojo Erlangen

Institute for Consciousness Research, Investigating Kundalini & Consciousness
What is Kundalini
Gopi Krishna

aiKido Atelier

Thoughts about Pagans

The Draconity FAQ
On Dragons and Hate
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

Ontario Reiki Programme Centre
Selected Abstracts
Research, Articles, and Studies

Usui-Do - Unity of self through harmony and balance

Welcome to the SKHM homepage

Lair of the Toxic Elf
Enhancing the Mundanes' lives with a Louisville Slugger Or It ain't easy being Fey
Elven Anatomy Or May be hazardous if swallowed
Another Toxic Rant (Monkey Boys)
Hey, There's Mud in My Boxers Or I Don't Have a Paradigm to rub together
Children O' the Fae

the hollow hill
majikal abilities
syrandir (enchantment)
how i awoke

Otherkin Come Out of the Closet - Elven Like Me

An Otherkin Guide to Outer Realms

Back Issues (At the Edge)
Issue 10, Fairies and Ghosts Special Issue
Fairies and their kin
Medieval fairies: Now you see them, now you don't
Lost in faery - Wandering in the magical thorn thickets of the mind
Do elves have rights?
Peakland spooklights

Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions
On the possible mechanism of intent in paranormal phenomena (Lian Sidorov)
Theoretical Milestones

Legend of Faerie
The Tuatha de Danaan

Nature's Own Research Association (James L Oschmann Ph.D.)

Meta-Reiki (Steven Buck)
Sensing Personal "Chi" (Ki)

The Grove
Studies in Faery Magic
Faery Lineage

The Tuatha de Danann
Ancient Ireland: The Milesian
Niall of the Nine Hostages

Mystica of Anam Cara
Keltische Feste

Die Kelten
Die Druiden
Tuatha de Danann

The Awakening

Dancing With The Gods
Frequently Asked Questions about Neopaganism

Elisabethas Night
Elisabetha de Valoir

Quantum Physics
Creation versus Evolution
Esoteric and Exoteric
The Subtle Body
The Chakras
World Views
Hermeticism and Western Esotericism
The Golden Dawn
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
The New Age - The Reality and the Fakery

Willkommen bei Rolf Keppler
Inhaltsverzeichnis ständig am linken Rand sehen
Zusammenfassung: Leben wir auf einer Vollkugel oder auf der Innenfläche einer Hohlkugel?
Vorwort zur Freien Energie
Energetische Körperarbeit nach Wilhelm Reich
Abneigung gegen dissonante Musik ist angeboren
Sichtbarmachung gedanklicher Wirkungen (und Fernheilung Messungen)

Chapters and Excerpts
Chapter Excerpt from "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight"
The Secret of "Enough"
Chapter Excerpt from: "The Prophet's Way"
A Visit to the Apache Nation
Chapter Excerpt from "The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century"
A Collection of Articles by Thom Hartmann and others
An Interview with Michael Hutchison

Introduction to Toteg Tribe
Toteg Tribe - Table of Contents
Nature Religion - Natural Magic: Fundamentals of Toteg Tribe
First Steps In Powerful Meditation
So You Wannabe A Shaman, Huh?
A Magical Theory of Reality

Manuela Standing Woman
Star People
Warriors of the Rainbow
The Awakening

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
Dr. Timothy Leary, PhD
The Declaration of Evolution
Robert Anton Wilson
The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness
Timothy Leary's Eight Circuits of Consciousness
The Nine Insights (James Redfield)
The Abolition of Work (Bob Black)
Thought Crime
Hooray for the Devil (A. Fry)
Introduction To CyberCraft (Mike Morgan)
Soul and Body
New Maps of Hyperspace
The mushroom speaks
A Short Guide About Hallucinogenic Drugs For the Explorers of Inner Space (Donald J. DeGracia)


Hindsight - A Search for Wisdom

The Doctrines and Practices of the Church
Theology - The Church and the Bible
The Terrible Truth (translation of old biblical words: Repent, Kingdom, Heaven)
Prophecy - The Corporate Deception
Humanity Incorporated
The Mark Of The Beast
The Incredible Gospel of Jesus and Humanity's Greatest Quest
The Coming of Jesus, the Christ
Holy Spirit - Holy Ghost
The questionable nature of time
The Beings
The Angels
Giants - Myth or Reality?
Fallen Angels and UFOs
Devils And Unclean, Evil Or Familiar Spirits
The Flood
The Bible of the Church
The Book of Enoch
The Real New Testament
Embedded Anomalies
What is that Thing?
How To Debunk Just About Anything

Revelation - Chapter 13 (666)

Die Bibel - Offenbarung das Johannes - Kapitel 13 (666)

The Truthseeker
The Ancient Past
High Technology in our Ancient Past?
The Hammer and the Pendulum
World's Before Our Own 1
World's Before Our Own 2
The Origins of Modern Banking
America Before Columbus
World's Before Our Own 3
The Doors of Perception and the Language of Spin
Back to the Future!!!
Sustainable Oil?

Magic (1911 Encyclopedia)

Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website
Ancient and Lost Civilisations
Conspiracies / Mystery Schools
Mayan Prophecies and Calendar
Mayan Prophecies and Calendar -2
Mythologiy Index
Of Mythy, Magic and Metaphors
Crystals and Gemstones
Earth's Core Crystal
Holograms in Crystals
Star Seeds Star People
The Hollow Earth - Subterranean Civilizations - Agartha
About Grids
Third Eye - Pineal Gland

Earth Mysteries: An Introduction
Ley Lines

Pressed Fur
Sitting On the Third Side of the Fence

Fear Itself


Prophecy of St Malachy

St. Malachy's Papal Predictions
The Baha'i Faith

The Next Pope, The Last Pope

Ten Common Errors and Myths about the Witch Hunts, Corrected and Commented

The Gnosis Archive
The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism
What Is a Gnostic?

"Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?"

The Future and the Popes

Black Book of Satan (by Conrad Robury)

Hypnose im Alltag

Welcome to FAE
Article Topics
General Topics
What it Really Means to be Faeborn
Past Life Recall Techniques
Astral Projection: Doorway to a New Dimension
Esoteric (Mystical & Occult)
Mythological Creatures/worlds
Astral Planes, Dream Space, Ethereal, anyways, non-physical reality...
Discussion Forum Board Index
General Discussion
Mystical / Magickal / Supernatural

The Cycles of Irish Myth
The Celtic Spirit World
Science and Fairies
Vedic Origins : Children of Danu
The Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh (Moytura)

The Library of Knowledge (Tomekeeper)
The Basics of Practice
The Four Great Powers
The Touch of Life
The Path of Harmony Through Balance
Mind Over Matter
The Spirit of Serenity
To Tinker with the Multiverse
The Library of Knowledge "Hosted Articles"
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Duality
Regarding The Astral
Texts, Resources, Grimoires, Tomes, Search Engines and Other Sourcebooks

Dragon Science

Advanced Dragon Description

Why Wiccans Suck
Traditional Family Witchcraft
Witchcraft from the ground up

The Secret History of modern Witchcraft

God-u-Like: an irreverent look at the faith industry

Magischer Kreis
Hexenkult - Wicca
Kreis des Feuers

Immortals Playground
Immortals Index I
Schools of Magick

History of Dragons

The Flow Of Time and Realities
The Genetic Code
Incarnation: What Are We Teaching Our Children?
Organization of Systems
The Purpose of Evolution
Science and Skepticism of Energy Ideas

Encyclopedia Mythica

Topic: My Story (Druegan/Dwatthaell, discovering being dragon otherkin)

Humanity On The Pollen Path
The Chakra System Crop Circle Formation

The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' Formation

For Dragons

The Spiritual Chakra 8 to 12


Schweizerische Parapsychologische Gesellschaft (ZH)

Schweizerische Vereinigung fuer Parapsychologie (BE)

Basler PSI Verein
Zehn Thesen zum Geistigen Heilen
Was ist Fernheilen?
Dem Gluecksprinzip folgen
Lebensenergie - zwischen Mysterium und Forschungsobjekt

The Realized Unconscious, Tiamat and Her Struggle Against Individuation

F.A.Mesmers Rohow-Faelle, anno 1775

The Fall of San Francisco is a Warning to All!
World War Three Predictions!
Killer Comet Impact and a Peek into the Rapture

Die sieben Hauptchakren
Phantasierese durch die Chakren

Die Chronik der (verpassten) Weltuntergänge

Aeltere Texte über PcE
Was sind die ULP-Ströme und Felder?
Lebensenergie (CHI) eines Tao-Meisters
Quantenphysik und PcE-Training
Quantenphysik und die Energie des Organismus
PcE und innerer Ton

Bei welchen Leiden hilft Geistiges Heilen
Geistheiler - Der Ratgeber
Heilen ohne Grenzen

Kryon (Channeled Spirit)
About Kryon
Welcome to the Kryon Question and Answer Index!
Channeling (Index)

The Indigo Children Website

Shamanic Androgyny

Astraea Multiple Personality FAQ

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