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Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit, Movie Fact/Rumor Roundup
Old LOTR/HOBBIT Movie Polls
New Line Cinema Press Release
Background Information on The Lord of the Rings
J.R.R. Tolkien: Fantasy in Middle-earth
Fact/Rumor Roundup

Lord Of The Rings movie site

Peter Jackson Answers THE GEEKS!!! 20 Questions About Lord Of The Rings!!!
Harry here, with the results of the 2nd Peter Jackson Q & A
Moriarty's Report on The Lord Of The Rings!!!
There and Back Again: A Geek's Adventures in Middle-Earth

Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts for Windows
Dan Smith's Historical Rune Fonts
A Brief History of Runes in Europe
More Rune Fonts for Windows
Web pages featuring Runic Information, Graphics, or Fonts
Books about Historical European Runes
Dan Smith's Tengwar Fonts
More Tengwar Fonts for Windows
Web pages featuring Tengwar Information, Graphics, or Fonts
Books about Tengwar
Dan Smith's Cirth Erebor Fonts
More Cirth Fonts for Windows
Web pages featuring Cirth Information, Graphics, or Fonts
Books about Cirth

Proposal to encode Tengwar in Plane 1 of ISO/IEC 10646-2

Tengwar: U+E000 - U+E07F

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
Vinyar Tengwar
Resources for Tolkienian Linguistics
image from Donald A. MacKenzie's _Ancient Man in Britain_ titled "Western Europe During the Third Inter-glacial Epoch" (p. 17)
Quenya Lapseparma

Steuard's Tolkien Pages
Tolkien Newsgroups FAQ
A Custom Tolkien Book List
Magic in Middle-earth
Do the Elves in Tolkien's stories have pointed ears?
Final note on eagles into Mordor
Bombadil and the Flame Imperishable
Which order should I read the books?
Ringlords Aplenty
Ring Technology (was Re: Ringlords Aplenty)
The Invisibility of the Ringwraiths
Summary of the War of the Wing

Ardalambion, Of the Tongues of Arda
By way of explanation
Helge Kåre Fauskanger
Tolkien's Not-So-Secret Vice
Quenya - the Ancient Tongue
Sindarin - the Noble Tongue
A Taste of Elvish
The Quenya Corpus
A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Now We Have All Got Elvish Names
Index to the Etymologies - Explanation
Index to the Etymologies (one-file version)
The Etymologies: Index by Elvish Words
Quenya Corpus Wordlist

Neil (Kabalarian name meanings)
Neil (Neil R. Packard name meaning)
My name, Neil, is a Scottish spelling of a Celtic name
Neil (Behind the Name)

O. Sharp home-page
Welcome to the Tolkien Sarcasm Page!
A Brief Synopsis of The Lord of the Rings
The Tolkien Crackpot Theories Page
Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings, Part One: A Critique
Welcome to the Tolkien Sarcasm Page!

An Interview (BBC, about making of and nature of ME)

The Tolkien FAQ
Tolkien and his Work
Books by Tolkien
ME and the Movies
Contributions from the Net
Conversion Tables

The J R R Tolkien Information Page

Elves in Tolkien and Folklore

Welcome to the r.a.s.w Fantasy Book List v1.82

Leonid Korablev's Tolkien Picture Gallery
Welcome to my Gallery (lenya)
Welcome to my Gallery! (lenya1)
Images of the Powers of Arda
My illustrations to "The Lord of the Rings"
My illustrations to "The Silmarillion"
Medieval Manuscript 1
Medieval Manuscript 2
The True Elves of Europe

Text list of pictures

Welcome to my little Tolkien image and freak gallery!
Welcome to my little Tolkien image gallery! (mainly Alan Lee)
titles of the 50 color plates

J.R.R. Tolkien
Tolkien Pictures

Aragorn's Tolkien Links

Fantasy Illustrations by Duncan Long

Minas Tirith


These pictures are as far as I know free to the public

Starbase Rivendell Tolkien Gallery

You have entered the Rivendell Image Gallery
Rivendell, by J. R. R. Tolkien 1
Rivendell, by J. R. R. Tolkien 2

[FAQ] Terry Pratchett Bibliography

Subway Sonata - Shadowrun fiction by Morpheus Unbound

Faeries (historic and literature collection)
The Secret Common-Wealth (Kirk)
Ancient Legends of Ireland (Lady Wilde)
Superstitions of the Highlands & Island of Scotland (John Campbell)
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (William Butler Yeats)

Quenya-English Dictionary

RinkWorks Online Entertainment
Book-A-Minute SF/F
The Hobbit
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

the tolkien insanity page
Frodo's Diary

Recently Alternative Ending to THE LORD OF THE RINGS

MythTakes Tolkien Parody
Has moved to here

Beyond Bored

Elves in Teutonic Mythology

Thor and the Elves (Utgard)

The LOTR Home - Other Tolkien Sites

The Cave of Lost Scrolls - A Tolkien Website Directory

Rolozo Tolkien
Image Collections
Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim
Howe John
Lee Allan
McBride Angus
Nasmith Ted
Tolkien JRR
Wenzel David
ICE Crown

Tolkien The Hobbit Quotes
The Road goes Ever on and on ...

There And Back Again - A Guided Tour Through Middle Earth
Background information
Project information
Eagle's View Map of Middle Earth
VRML model of Middle-earth

The Elfquest Resource Page
Elfquest Trading Post
ElfQuest Frequently Asked Questions
Characters & Plot Points
Projects & Scheduling
Elfquest Holt List
The Elfquest Collector's List

ElfQuest (Gunnar Ljungstrand)
Elves ... Alver
Wolfriders ... Vargryttare
Sun Folk ... Solfolk
Gliders ... Svävare
Go-Backs ... Återvändare
High Ones ... Upphöjda
Other Elves ... Andra Alver
Halfbreeds ... Halvblod
Trolls ... Troll
Humans ... Människor

Nightshade's Homepage
Nightshade's Elfquest Page
Why I love Elfquest so much

Darkover site (Marion Zimmer Bradleys first world)

What's in the History of Middle-earth? (Ninni M. Pettersson)

ARDA Enzyklopedia
Arda Index, Tolkien Links

The Chronology of the Elder Days

Tales from the Script...
The Story
The Characters
Vanity Fair's 'On The Set'

Welcome to the Tolkien Society Home Page

The Rescue Frodo! S.W.A.T. Team

welcome to elfquest dot com
Elfquest Publications
The Decades in Print
In the "now"
Scott's ElfQuest Timeline
Elfquest Who's Who
A Guide to the Elfquest Reader's Collection
Behind the Scenes with Elfquest
The Elfquest Galleries
DigitalEQ Online Comics
Sendings Archives
Time For Fun
A Day in the Lives
How to Draw Elfquest
EQ ed-i-to-ri-als
Interviews & Articles

Parma Eldalamberon, The Book of Elven Tongues

So you want to learn Elvish?...

Mirror of Galadriel (Links Site)

The Grey Havens (Articles)

Fan Art
Wie laut ist Dein Reptil?

tHe HoGGiT oR, hoW I leArNed To StOP woRRyINg aNd loVe The WyRm

Norse Mythology (cbsunny)
Mythology Bibliography


Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Page 2
The Origin of Underground People
The Disappearance of Little People Explained in German Legends

Norse Religious Practice
Part II: Creation, Cosmology and Myth

What do we know about Scandinavian mythology?
Trolls, Elfs, Näcken, Tomten, Vittran, and Huldran
The Sagas, Eddas, and subsequent Icelandic literature.

The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes
The Death of Baldur - The Elves - Runic Letters - Skalds - Iceland

Norse Mythology
The Eddas

The Encyclopedia Mythica
Norse mythology

Medieval Literature
Index of Forn fraedi

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Tolkien Slash Fiction Archive

25 Hobbits, the top 25 of Tolkien-sites

die hobbit-höhle

Perseus Project

Special Collections & University Archives, J.R.R. Tolkien Collection

The Metaverse (Mark Rosenfelder)
Hergé's Syldavian: A grammar
The Language Construction Kit

Cinescape online
Jackson Talks 'LOTR'
Finally, 'LOTR' Online Footage
LOTR Interview
Theatrical 'LOTR' Trailer?

On-Line Books Page

Tolkien about me, my elf and I - and Middle Earth

Say Friend and Enter

The Lord of the Rings Movie Site

Tour 3: The Artists of Middle-earth

The Gray Book, Notes from Ian McKellen

Mittelerde Fest

2001: Der Stand der Dinge - Die Welten von Kubricks 2001 - Damals und Heute

Film pictures

Lord of the hobbits

Archmage's Web Page
Elven Dictionary
Elfin Names and Spellcheckers

Marty's Elfquest Fun Page
Welcome to mad dot high hiphen ones dot com
The Elfquest Archive of Letters and Editorials
Nightfall's Denning Tree
Gallery of Nightfall Art
eNightfall v1.0 - A Second Experiment in Computer Generated EQ Fan Art
Stuff Resembling Real Life Resembling Elfquest or "Have You Scene Me?"

Sweetwind's Home Page
Managing Multiple Moons
Managing Multiple Moons, Part 2!
Sweetwind's Story Page
Sweetwind's Gallery
Ridershare week
Art Tips

Scott's Elfquest Timeline

Elquest: WaveDancers
WaveDancers: Series One

Willkommen In Sorgenend
Sorgenend - Eine Schweizer Elfquestseite
Hivenward Schattenwind

ElfQuest (Mikko Koivunalho)
To Live Like an Elf: Wolfrider
Loss and Love

ElfQuest Fanfiction
In The Name Of Love
You know you've read too much ElfQuest when...

Bruce's Lego Site
The Lord of the Rings

The Mellonath Daeron Index of Tengwar Specimina (DTS)

medieval literature

Cathy's Elfquest Page
Elfquest Index by Issue
Elfquest Index by Story
Elfquest Index by Reader's Collection
The Yun Essay

'Unworldly' Tolkien's ring of gold

Guide to Currently Available U.S. Editions of the Books of J.R.R.Tolkien
HarperCollins British Editions!
Letters FAQ

Introduction to Robert's Stories (Elfquest)

Arms & Armour in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth

Welcome to the Hayao MIYAZAKI Web!
Princess Mononoke

Who's Who in Elfquest

Naked elves page

The Wulf Archives
The Stories

What Tolkien Officially Said About Elf Sex
The Elladan and Elrohir Factsheet

Faerie v Fairy
The Tuatha De Danaan: The Children of the Goddess Danu (by Greywolf the Wanderer)
The Druids (by Greywolf the Wanderer)

lord of the rings comic book

Bag End 2, 21 Century Hobbit Hole

The Eddas

Secret Diaries of the Fellowship

Lort of the Rings Maps

ConScript Unicode Registry, Version 3.2

Manuel Corbella (nadain) MEF2 Photos

For Elf Eyes Only
Silver Star Awards Archives
Silver Star Awards 2001 Archives
Silver Star Awards 2001 Archives
Silver Star Awards 2000 Archives
Silver Star Awards 1999 Archives
What Elfquest Leader Are You Most Like?
What Elfquest Creature Are You?
Which of the Original Wolfriders Are You? (male)
Which of the Original Wolfriders Are You? (female)
The True Elf Name Revealer

Wingthings ElfQuest Archive
The Elfie Awards
The Now: A State of the Species
Chiefs of the Four Tribes
My ElfQuest Top Ten Lists
My Fanfics
Awards and Links
Welcome to the EQ Alternaverse

MEF Stammtisch

Midgard Fest

#mittelerde-fest statistics generated by QueenMeril
#mittelerde-fest Diese Statistiken wurden erstellt von QueenMeril
#mittelerde-fest@Quakenet.org Statistik von pez

New York to Build 'Dark Tower of Barad-dur' on WTC Site

The Gazers - Skywise Appreciation Society
Skywise's Den
The Richard Files

About Mender

Kagri's Art
you never saw ElfQuest elves like that before!

Welcome to Sun Girl's Art
Photoshop Colouring Tutorial

Rayek Admiration Society for Humans

Who Were the Elves?

A Tale of Two Elves (Karen Robertson)

[/dev/null] Voll krass bei die Ringe

Amanye Tenceli - The Writing Systems of Aman

Middle Earth in the Third Age (map)

The One and Three Quarter Towers

Who is Tom Bombadil?

Cead mile Failte - Gälisch für Einsteiger

das Sindarin Lexikon

Rivendell in Swizterland

An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography

Der Herr der Ringe
Voll krass bei die Ringe

The Lord of the Rings Image Library

Project MUSE Scholarly journals online
Tolkien Studies
Tolkien Studies Volume 1, 2004

Der Herr der Ringe - Comic

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