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Chez Drea (Andrea Leed)
The Elizabethan Costuming Homepage
Overview of an Elizabethan Outfit
How to make an Elizabethan Chemise
Women's Smock of the Late 16th Century
The Farthingale Page
How to make a Bumroll
How to Make an Elizabethan Corset
History of the Elizabethan Corset
Making a Corset Pattern
How to Sew it all Together
Stubbes on Fashion: Anatomie of Abuses
Books on Elizabethan Costuming
Costuming Suggestions, Tips and Tricks
Elizabethan Costume Gallery
History of the Costume of Henry Tudor 1500-1550
Sumptuary Laws in Tudor England
Yardages Used in Late 16th Century Women's Clothing
Suggested Yardages for Elizabethan Garments
Basics of Late Period Costume Detailing
Color in Elizabethan Dress
Corsetry Links

Jeff & Caroline's pages of 17th Century Stuff (Caroline Vincent)
Stays, A Brief History (Caroline Vincent)
Sewing Tips and Techniques for 17th Century Costume

The Costume Page, Costuming Resources Online (Julie Zetterberg)
The Study of Costume - Reference Works & Museums
The Study of Costume - Costume History
The Study of Costume - Historical Topics
The Study of Costume - Ethnic & Folk Costume
Making & Wearing Costumes - Organizations & Events
Making & Wearing Costumes - Classes & Schools - Instructions & Techniques

History of Costume (Braun & Schneider - c.1861-1880)

The Mitchells (Timothy J. Mitchell)
A Stitch out of Time, Historical Embroidery
Costume for a 12th Century Lady

Welcome to the home of Renaissance Entertainment Corporation
Experience the Renaissance Faire
Prepare for the Faire
Costuming Guide
Costuming Guide
glossary of elizabethan costume terms

Milieux (Lauren Podolak)
The Costume Site
Costume 2
The Costume Source
Source 2
Source 3

Gunnas to Houppelands: A Thousand Years of English Dresses

Elizabethan Period Costumes
LHC Costume Guide
Clothing Identification
Female Clothing
Male Clothing
Proper Elizabethan Accents

Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage (Joan Cole)
Counted Thread Work

Elizabethan Blackwork (Paula Katherine Marmor)
Blackwork for Costume

Lady Alisoun's Closet Reveal'd
Construction of a New Gown
Fashion Dolls

The Well Dressed Heroine, Fashion Challenges for the Romantic Time Traveler

Period and Styles of Costume (Tulane Theatre)
Elizabethan Women Costume
Elizabethan Women Index of Images
Elizabethan Men's Costume
Index of Elizabethan Men Images
Women's Dress: Iron corset form
the Corset Comeback: A Fitting Affair (one picture "ribs" iron corset)
Iron Corset

Godfrey De Shipbrook
Elizabethan costumes
Computer Typography

Quayside Gallery, Take your place in history: Nell Game
An Dni 17 Aprl 1990 W.T.Grmwood portrait in Elisabethan dress

Drachenwald Picture Archive (Gilliam Blackhorn)
Edouard and Eanor, King and Queen of Drachenwald
Edouard and Eanor out shopping in Pennsic
Sir Kragon receives a garter from King Edouard and Queen Eanor
Wlfric and Eira as King and Queen of Drachenwald

Picture Archive (Attemark)
Lady Raven and Lord Vincenzo
Lady Emma and His Excellency Blackleaf: heavy + combat archers
His Excellency Helmut
Lady Raven
Yet another one of Lady Raven
Her Majesty Vanna at Queens Demand
One of Lady Ravens many creations

Photos ... Valokuvia ... Bilder ur Huccas galleri
Lord and Lady
Pietari & Anna

Bildarkivet (Nordmark)
Vilket vackert par. Sir Prothal och hans dam, Mistress Cecilia
Guillaum & Marie

Fotosida (Malla)
Blackleaf, Anna och drottningen i Baggeholm
Malens värnlag, Nyteg. (Jag minns tyvärr inte vem som tog bilden)
Malla och Padraig Visby -97

FAQs for some textile Newsgroups (Lara Fabans)
Historical Costuming FAQ

The Costumer's Manifesto (Tara Maginnis)
General Index of ALL 406 Pages
Costume History
Medieval Europe
Medieval Women's Headdress and Costume
18th Century Lingerie: hoops
A Speedy 18th Century Corset
Effect on crushing Ribs
19th Century Women's Undergarments: Bloomer
Punch, 1857, understructure of a fashionable woman
The Costume Movie Site
Tara Maginnis' Bookmarks
Links Page

The Unofficial Far Isles Medieval Society Beginner's Guide
Basic Dark Age and Medieval Costume
Clean or Dirty... An easy guide to shirt and smock
Table Settings

Shirts and Chemises

Viking Tunic Construction

My Art

Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry

Clothing and Costume Links (Atlantia A&S)
Embroidery and Needlework Links

The Cotehardie Homepage
The Cotehardie
A Text by Herbert Norris
A Text by R. Turner Wilcox
Images by Herbert Norris
Cotehardie Colour Images
The Houpelande Homepage
The Houpelande
A Text by Herbert Norris
A Text by R. Turner Wilcox
Images by Herbert Norris
Colour Images Page
Tempus Peregrinator's Picture Gallery

The Victorian Fashion Pages (Shenlei E. Winkler)
Silhouettes of Victorian Fashions
Pictorial Revue of the Fashions of the 19th Century
Ladies' Wear
The Dressmaker's Gallery
Related Websites

Keep the Faith, An Interview with Faith Prince

'Square' Dance, historic film

Medieval (Costumes and Clothing, Annette Allen)
The 17th century
The 18th century
The 19th century

Ye Olde Home Payge (Renaissance Faire)

SCA-clothing related terms

Sewing Central

LOTR Costume
The Fellowship Cloaks
Quick Costumes
Making 'em

La Couturiere Parisienne
Medieval & Renaissance
1600s - Baroque
1700s - Rococo

The Viking Basic Kit Guide
Clothing Manufacture
External Links

An 11th century linen shirt from Viborg



Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons

The Salacious Historians's Lair
Baroque Costumes
Extant 17th c Costumes
Piratical Resources
Period Galleries

Commonly Held Misconceptions About Historic Costume

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