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Apache documentation

Internet JUNKBUSTER Headline

Welcome to Linux

World Wide Web Consortium
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
RFC 2068: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
Naming and Addressing: URLs
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Introducing HTML 3.2
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification

Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples

The Web Robots Page (Koster)
The Web Robots FAQ...
Robots Exclusion
The Web Robots Database
Articles and Papers about WWW Robots

Linux Page of Switzerland

World Wide Web Offline Explorer
The WWWOFFLE Version 2.4 Browser Page
The WWWOFFLE Version 2.4 Users Page
The WWWOFFLE Version 2.4 Download Page
The WWWOFFLE Version 2.4 Hints and Tips Page
WWWOFFLE Version 2.4b - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Viewed With Any Browser

Debian The Universal Operating System
Debian Distributions
Debian Packages
Debian All Packages

Danilo Bueche (cs89x0)

The International PGP Home Page

De Montfort 3D Displays

ssh Home Page

ISS securityFAQs



L0pht Heavy Industries

Astalavista security search engine

PFU America, Inc (Keyboards)
Happy Hacking Keyboard
FAQ & Useful Tips
keyboard collection

Fight Spam on the Internet!

@maps mail abuse prevention system
RBL Realtime Blackhole List

Lutz Donnerhacke
Das Recht auf Privatsphäre
Elektronisches Geld
Certification Authority
Projekt Verfunknetzung Thüringen
Usenet: Teergruben FAQ

Linux Quake Page

QuakeWorld Central

The ISO Date Format (ISO 8601)

BTTV - A Linux driver for Bt848 based frame grabbers

Internet - Neues Medium - neue Fragen ans Recht

The Linux/Microcontroller Project
The Linux/Microcontroller Project Status
uCLinux Project FAQ
Lend a Hand
Screen Shot

The MIT Wearable Computing Web Page
A brief history of wearable computing
Wearable Computing FAQ
Lizzy: MIT's Wearable Computer Design 2.0.5
The PC/104 and PC/104+ Standards
The Need for an Embedded-PC Standard
pc104 486 core module
pc104 VGA board
pc104 floppy and IDE controller board
Assembling a PC104 computer
Parts list and suppliers
Assembly instructions
Wear-Hard FAQ Version 1.0 8/20/97
Alternative Architectures
Augmented Memory
Augmented Reality
Wearables Hardware and Software
Available display tech
Output devices
Wearable Computing Links
Thad Starner

Nomadic Radio
Why Wearable Audio Computing?
What is Nomadic Radio
Architecture of Nomadic Radio


Technology Evaluation: One-Handed Typing Devices

Linux Manifesto

Itsy Pocket Computing Project
Itsy FAQ

muLinux One Floppy System
muLinux: Floppy Linux, v 1.1

hal91 floppy linux
hal91 user-guide

Cutting Edge Linux

The Linux Joystick Driver


Freeware for Solaris

kom.id security resources

Alternative Keyboards & Accessories



news.admin.net-abuse.* Homepage

Email Abuse Resource List

Linux for SPARC Workstations

BASIC Stamps
BASIC Stamp General Information
BASIC Stamp Modules
PBASIC Instruction Set

Plan 9
Plan 9 from Bell Laboratories FAQ

Video For Linux




Half-Keyboard Computer (IBM Almaden Research Center)

The OpenVMS Hobbyist
Digital Listens - Really!
Digital Hobby License Agreement for VAX OpenVMS
OpenVMS Hobbyist FAQ
Other Useful Links...
How To Build A Base VAX-VMS System With Little Or No Prior Experience

RFC Editor
Searching and Retrieving RFCs from the RFC Editor Site
RFC Index
Best Current Practice Index

Time Protocol (RFC868)
A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers (RFC1149)
Netiquette (RFC1855)
Internet Users' Glossary (RFC1983)
Anti-Spam Recommendations for SMTP MTAs (RFC2505)
IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service (RFC2549)
Y10K and Beyond (RFC2550)

Internet Relay Chat Protocol (RFC1459)
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies (RFC2045)
Internet Relay Chat: Architecture (RFC2810)
Internet Relay Chat: Channel Management (RFC2811)
Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol (RFC2812)
Internet Relay Chat: Server Protocol (RFC2813)


Phrack Magazine
Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit
Smashing The Kernel Stack For Fun And Profit
Linux on-the-fly kernel patching without LKM

Tom's Unofficial BYTE FAQ (Tom R Halfhill)

The Byte Fiasco (Jerry Pournelle)

AltaVista Usenet







All the Web

OS heavyweights go head-to-head for the enterprise (Windows NT Magazine)

Trinux Linux Security Toolkit
What is Trinux?

tomsrtbt "The most Linux on 1 floppy disk."

Scanlogd (Solar Designer)


VMware virtual x86 PC

XFree86 3D Status Report

BAT Personal Keyboard (single hand)

Wearables Central

Johns hideout (one handed on Linux with standard keyboard)

The Fiddler

Calcaria Linux 7k Project
How it works
Information Resources

High-Availability Linux Project

Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page

Psion Series 5 Specification

Storage Clustering Software for Linux

Mesa 3D Library

3D Direct Rendering Infrastructure (Precision Insight)

Linux Versus NT (Paul Boutin, Webmonkey)

Multicomputer Operating System for Unix

RfD: UDP fuer AOL

Open Relay Behaviour-modification System

Internet Mail Relay Services Survey Project

Linux MusicStation

Linux in Business - Case Studies


World's Smallest Operational Web Server

Interface Hall of Shame - Error Messages

Xircom driver development for Linux

Welcome to the NetBSD Project
What is the NetBSD Project?
Supported Platforms

FreeBSD Handbook
Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 2.X, 3.X and 4.X
Small FreeBSD Home Page

Platforms currently supported

XFree86 Font Deuglification Mini HOWTO

SheepShaver for Linux/PPC

SGI Open Source Project List
XFS: A high-performance journaling file system

Linux on the IBM ESA/390 Mainframe Architecture

A Short Tutorial on Wireless LANs and IEEE 802.11

The Ultimate RISC

The MOVE project (Henk Corporaal, TU Delft EE)

Linux Myths

Website Meta Language


Ross Anderson
Information hiding (including Soft Tempest) (Ross Anderson)
TCPA / Palladium Frequently Asked Questions
Programming Satan's Computer
Why Cryptosystems Fail

Hercules (S/390 Emulator for Linux)

swissOnline hispeed

the Operating System resource center
Processor Architecture: IA64, MMX, 3D-Now!, KNI, copro, optimization..
Interconnect Buses: ATA-2,3, Floppy, PCI, AGP, USB, SCSI, FC-AL..
Disk and Disc Drives: Floppys, Hard Drive Ports, CHS, CD-ROM..
Human Interface Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Gamepad..
Sound Devices: SB, SB16, GUS, PAS, PC-Speaker, MIDI, OPL..
Communication Devices: Serial, Parallel [SPP, EPP, ECP]..
Networking Devices: NE2000..
Miscellaneous Devices: PIC, PIT, DMA, RTC, ..
Other Hardware: Legos, ATX, NetPC's..

ESA/390 Principles of Operation
Enterprise Systems Architecture/390 IBM Principles of Operation
The last book (IBM Systems Journal)
IBM S/390 Aufbau Info
differences between mainframes and other systems
comparsion with Unix machines

Mini-FAQ: Falsche E-Mail-Adressen

Address Munging Considered Harmful

Address Munging FAQ: Spam-Blocking Your Email Address

Uncultured Perl, Perl's creator shares his thoughts on a subversive lifecycle

The 216-Color Webmasters's Palette

Power Search (old Deja News interface)

Transmeta's Crusoe

Microwindows and NanoGUI Projects
Microwindows Frequently Asked Questions
Microwindows Architecture


Running Linux on your MIPS-based devices

Linux VR

Introduction to ELKS
ELKS Development Roadmap

Distributed News Architecture


Introduction to Generating and Running OS/360 on Hercules

Windows 2000, die Erste: bloss ein Schritt zum fertigen Produkt

Audio File Format FAQ

Notes on the Domain Name System

Posix Serial Port Programming

The Proxomitron

Mail Abuse Prevention System RBL, TSI, DUL, RSS

A Linux-like Windows 95/98/NT

Bonobo (GNOME CORBA component architecture)

Pango (All Language text rendering)

Xiophophorus:home (CD Paranoia, vorbis codec)

3D Video Cards in Linux
Windows vs. Linux 3D Performance in Q3A

Linux Terminal Server Project (diskless net boot)

What is a Heat Pipe?

GRUB PC boot loader

Booting (Google)

Linux From Scratch
Welcome to Linux From Scratch (german mirror)
Version 3.0

Beyond the FONT tag: Practical HTML text styling


Jim Kingdon's FreeVMS page

Free Vms links page

MINIX on the HP200LX Palmtop

Do MP3 encoders sound different?

How MP3 Works: Inside the Codec

XMLterm - A graphical command line interface



The XSOC Project
The xr16 CPU Core
XSOC 2.0 Log
Usenet Postings By Subject
Homebuilt Processors
Porting lcc
A 32-bit RISC CPU
Reimplementing Alto
Reimplementing Transputers
Synthesized CPU Core Issues
A Streamlined VGA Controller
CNets and General LFSR Counters
CNets and Datapaths
C++/Java Generators vs. Synthesizers
CPUs vs. FPGAs
FPGA Floorplanning
Pushing on a Rope
On Arbitrary Cycle n-Bit LFSRs

J32 Floorplan


XS40-010E+ Prototyping Board with 5V, 20,000-gate FPGA
XS40-010XL+ Prototyping Board with 128 KByte RAM
XST-1 XStend Prototyping Extender Board
XSA-100 Spartan-II Prototyping Board
XSV Virtex Prototyping Board
Manuals and Tutorials
How to Use the XS Boards
XS40 Programmer's Model
XS40 Board V1.4 Manual
XStend Board V1.3 Manual
XSA-100 Board V1.0 Manual
XSV Board Manual
Before You Buy
User Questions, XS Board
Example Designs

Mission statement
Frequently Asked Questions
OpenCores SoC Bus Review
Project: Embedded FPGA Core
Project: CF Reconfigurable Computing Array
Multifunctional Advanced FPGA Architecture Personal Computer Board: Overview
Forum: Free Place & Route (tools)

How Computers Work
A Simple Computer
BASIC: Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.0

The Free-IP Project
Free-IP Cores

Welcome to the German page of the Freedom CPU Project!
FCPU Manual Rev. 0.2

Site Map
Data Book
XCR22V10: 5V Zero Power, Universal PLD
XCR5032: 32 Macrocell, 5V CPLD
XCR3320: 320 Macrocell SRAM CPLD
CoolRunner XPLA3 CPLD Family
XC9500XV: 2.5V ISP CPLD Family
6: XC4000E and XC4000X FPGA Series - Description
XC4000E/X Pinouts
6: XC4000XLA and XC4000XV FPGA Series - Description
7: XC3000 Series FPGAs (XC3000A/L, XC3100A/L)
7: XC5200 Series FPGAs
Spartan and Spartan-XL Families FPGAs (XCS00)
Virtex: Complete Data Sheet (All Modules)
Virtex-E: Complete Data Sheet (All Modules)
Virtex-E Extended Memory: Complete Data Sheet (All Modules)
Spartan-II: Module Descriptions
Virtex-II Platform FPGA Complete Data Sheet (All Four Modules)
Spartan-IIE: Module Descriptions
Virtex-II Pro Complete Data Sheet (All Four Modules)
XC18V00 Series of In-System Programmable Configuration PROMs
Packages and Thermal Characteristics
Virtex Package Files
package v200pq240
package v300pq240
BSDL Files (contain CLB->pinout data)
Virtex E die photo (XCV2000E apparently, 80 CLB rows)
Xilinx Prototype Platforms
Xilinx Prototyping Platforms
Prototype Platform User Guide
XAPP Application Notes
Parallel Cable III (DLC 5) Schematic

On-Line Literature: Data Sheets, Advance Information Briefs, & Errata Sheets
Classic EPLD Data Sheet
MAX 3000A Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet
MAX 7000 Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet
MAX 9000 Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet
FLEX 6000 Programmable Logic Device Family
FLEX 8000 Programmable Logic Device Family
FLEX 10K Embedded Programmable Logic Family
FLEX 10KE Embedded Programmable Logic Family
ACEX 1K Programmable Logic Device Family
APEX 20K Programmable Logic Device Family
Mercury Programmable Logic Device Family
Stratix Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet
PCI Development Board
Altera Development Tools

Frequently Asked Questions
Tools / Programs
gnetlist GNU Netlist Generation

Entwicklung von Hardware unter Linux

The FreeHDL Project

A FPGA based Forth microprocessor

Forth and UltraTechnology
Forth Software and Hardware by Date
FORTH - A Language for Interactive Computing
Dispelling the User Illusion
1x Forth
Low Fat Computing
Thoughtful Programming and Forth
Thoughtful Programming - Chapter 2 - The Second 10x
Thoughtful Programming - Chapter 3 - Third 10x
Introduction to Thoughtful Programming and the Forth Philosophy
Forth Meta Compilation
eForth and Zen
Forth Chips
Minimal Instruction Set Computers
MuP21--A High Performance MISC Processor
Life beyond MuP21
F21 Microprocessor Overview
F21 in a Mouse

Product Selector
AT24C1024 (I2C/TWI)
Serial Flash
AT25F1024A (SPI, 128kx8, paged (4*128*256)x8)
AT25FS010 (SPI, 128kx8, paged (512*256)x8)
AT45DB011D (SPI, 128kx8, paged (4*16*8*256)x8)
Parallel EEPROM
AT28C64E (8kx8)
AT28C256 (32kx8, paged (512*64)x8)
Parallel Flash
AT29C256 (32kx8, paged (512*64)x8)
AT29C040A (512kx8, paged (2k*256)x8)
Programmable Logic Device (SPLDs & CPLDs) - Data Sheets
Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs) - Data Sheets
AT40K05/10/20/40 FPGA
8051 Architecture
AVR Instruction Set
AVR Assembler User Guide
STK200 Starter Kit User Guide
AVR STK500 User Guide
Application Notes
ATtiny11|12 (8pin, 6io, 1flash, 0sram, 0|64ee)
ATtiny25|45|85 (8pin, 6io, 2/4/8flash, 128/256/512sram, 128/256/512ee)
ATtiny24|44|84 (14pin, 12io, 2/4/8flash, 128/256/512sram, 128/256/512ee)
ATtiny261|461|861 (20pin, 16io, 2/4/8flash, 128/256/512sram, 128/256/512ee)
ATtiny2313|2313V (20pin, 18io, 2flash, 128sram, 128ee)
ATtiny48|88 (28pin, 24io, 4/8flash, 256/512sram, 64/64ee)
ATmega8|8L (28pin, 23io, 8flash, 1sram, 0.5ee)
ATmega48|88|168 (28pin, 23io, 4/8/16flash, 0.5/1/1sram, 0.25/0.5/0.5ee)
ATmega8535|8535L (40pin, 32io, 8flash, 0.5sram, 0.5ee)
ATmega16|16L (40pin, 32io, 16flash, 1sram, 0.5ee)
ATmega32|32L (40pin, 32io, 32flash, 2sram, 1ee)
ATmega644|644L (40pin, 32io, 64flash, 4sram, 2ee)
ATmega1284P (40pin, 32io, 128flash, 16sram, 4ee)
ATmega8515|8515L (40pin, 35io, 8flash, 0.5sram, 0.5ee)
ATmega162|62V (40pin, 35io, 16flash, 1sram, 0.5ee)
ATmega640|1280|1281|2560|2561 (64/100pin, 54/86io, 64/128/256flash, 8sram, 4ee)
ATmega329/329V/3290/3290V/649/649V/6490/6490V (64/100pin, 54/86io, lcd4x25/4x40, 32/64flash, 2/4sram, 1/2ee)
ATmega16U4/ATmega32U4 (44pin, 26io, usb-dev, 16/32flash, 1.25/2.5sram, 0.5/1ee)
AT90USB646|647|1286|1287 (64pin, 48io, usb-dev(/usb-otg), 64/128flash, 4/8sram, 2/4ee)
ATxmega A
AT91 ARM Thumb
ARM7TDMI Technical Reference Manual
AT91SAM7L128 (128pin, lcd10x40)
AT91SAM9 LCD Controller
AVR32 32-bit MCU/DSP
AVR32 Architecture
AT32UC3B Series

The Programmable Logic Jump Start Station
Programmable Logic Suppliers Summary Table
Free and Low-Cost Software
VHDL and Verilog References and Tutorials
Programmable Logic Boards
The Programmable Logic Bookstore

Xilinx on Linux HOWTO

Digital Design, Signal Integrity, Stuff That Works, Design Guidelines

FPGA Prototyping Boards
FPGA Floorplanning (1 of 1)
Tips and Tricks
About Wire Wrap
FPGA Art Gallery

List of FPGA-based Computing Machines

Associated Professional Systems
APS-V240 Virtex FPGA Rapid Development Platform
APS-V240 Datasheet
APS X84 FPGA VHDL Synthesis Lab Book

Virtual Computer Corporation
Product Line
The Virtual Workbench
Get Data Sheet

XC6200 Series FPGAs

Programmable Logic
Data Sheet List
CY7C340 EPLD Family
FLASH370i[tm] ISR[tm] CPLD Family
Ultra37000TM CPLD Family
Delta39KTM CPLD Family


Al Dev's Linux Home Page


The Linux Documentation project
Linux Documentation Project Works
Linux Documentation Project FAQs
Chapter 4. Categorized List of HOWTOs
Chapter 5. Single list of HOWTOs
The Linux man-Page-Howto

Open Collector
Open Collector summary
Writings on Open Source Hardware
Free Computers
Practical Suggestions (bitstream issues)
More Suggestions
A community who hates their tools and what they will do about it

Lunix (Unix for C64)

QFP to PGA - Generic

Index of /Products
Digilab 10K10
Digilab 10K240

The Trianus CAD System / The Hades System (Xilinx 6200 based)

PCI Pamette V1
PamDC: a C++ Library for the Simulation and Generation of Xilinx FPGA Designs


Free Intellectual Properties

Dynamically Reconfigurable Devices & Technology
CAL1024 datasheet

ErSt Electronic GmbH
Board Module EVALXCS-PQ208 for Xilinx FPGA Spartan XCS40/30/20
Board Module EVALXCV-HQ240 for Xilinx FPGA Virtex XCV50 to XCV800
Board Module EVALXC2S/XCV/XCVE-HQ240 for Xilinx FPGA Families Spartan-II, Virtex or Virtex-E

TTY editing patches
New Tricks for an Old Terminal Driver

Wpoison Web Poisoning Tool

LEON-1 VHDL model

Stack Computers & Forth
Stack Computers: the new wave

Consume, IEEE 802.11 Radio Internet

Low Cost Wireless Network How-To

FTC Statement on Spam

PCB Assembly Techniques (Harvey Twyman)

Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine

Java Backend for GCC

SRAMs Micron
SRAMs Motorola
SRAMs Samsung

SkipStone (lightweight Gtk+ Mozilla)

PCKeyboard.Com (ex IBM/Lexmark keyboards)
EnduraPro/104 (with Trackpoint)
Customizer (original 101 key)
Emulator 122 Keyboard
Terminal Keyboards

Avant Prime & Stellar (keyboards)
Avant Frequently Asked Questions

Konzeptionelle Mängel von Unix (Frank Klemm)

Summary of The Humane Interface (Jeff Raskin)

Extended spam filter: check_local 4.2 for sendmail 8.11

Open Firmware Home Page

74 TTL Series data sheets
74LS74 Dual D-Type Positive-Edge triggered Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear
74LS83 4-Bit Binary Adders with Fast Carry
74LS138/74LS139 Decoders/Demultiplexers
74LS240/74LS241 Octal TRI-STATE Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers
74LS244 Octal TRI-STATE Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers
74LS245 TRI-STATE Octal Bus Transceiver
74LS374 TRI-STATE Octal D-Type Transparent Latches and Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops

Electronic Device Information
7400 Series PDF Files from Motorola
SN74LS181 4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit

Parametric Table
Index of /pf/54/
4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit
Carry Lookahead Generator

Fairchild Semiconductor Products
Index of /pf/74/
DM74S182 Look-Ahead Carry Generator


Linux autofs Howto

Components of the Mp3 PuBliC platform

New Printing Technologies Raise Hopes for Cheap Plastic Electronics

The LinuxBIOS Home Page

openBIOS ... free your system

Two Kernel Monte (Linux loading Linux on x86)

Current ports of Linux OS

Have you seen my new soldering Iron?


Pulling a System up by Its Bootstrap (SHARE, OS/390)

Andraka Consultiong Group
High Performance Design

XFree86 on Darwin and Mac OS X

FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)

Zugängliche Webseiten

The IRC Command Cosmos
3.9 The modeless channel. Equality by simplicity

Jasmin Home Page

Java(tm) Bytecode Assembler

The User-mode Linux Kernel Home Page

OpenVMS Resource Center

Keep metastability from killing your digital design

The Strange Tale of the Denial of Service Attacks Against GRC.COM

How do I choose between Altera and Xilinx?
Tell me about metastables
Re: Help!! Virtex system gate count.
FPGA Boards

QuickLogic Product Literature
QuickLogic's 2001 Data Book

The Free IP Directory
Processors designs

xr16vx in JHDL: Version 1.01

BYU's JHDL[tm] WWW Site
JHDL 0.3 General Overview

Chip Shots Gallery
Silicon Zoo

Further Adventures in the World of Bootleg 802.11b
Links from above


MPGA - Meta Programmable Gate Array

NetBSD/macppc Frequently Asked Questions

Debian Booted on a Single Proccessor 500Mhz G4
Debian GNU/Linux Installation Notes for iBook2

Vacuum Microelectronics Links

Links home page

Arachne WWW Browser

Port List

Logic Metastability

Window Managers for X

Operating Systems Scene Back to Full Activity

Mill-Max BGA Socket/Adapter Systems

Xilinux Project

Sound & MIDI Software For Linux

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Glitch Hunting

ATX Motherboard Specification

Motherboard Resources
ATX Specification 2.03 with ECR P1 appended
microATX Motherboard Interface Specification 1.0
FlexATX Addendum Version 1.0 to the microATX Specification - Version 1.0
NLX Specification 1.8

Alpha and IA64

Book PC II

AMULET Projects (async logic ARM)

A Comparison of Microsoft's C# Programming Language to Sun Microsystems' Java Programming Language

Tim Forcer's Programmable Logic Page (PLPL PLD compiler for DOS)


colorForth homepage

The NetBSD vs OpenBSD split

Journaling Versus Soft Updates: Asynchronous Meta-data Protection in File Systems

Welcome to the PC Design Guides web site
PC 99 System Design Guide and Addendum
PC 2001 System Design Guide

OpenVMS - Systems with Power and Stability!
Welcome to the Unofficial Affordable OpenVMS License Home Page
FreeVMS - Save the World's Best O.S.!

Termcap/Terminfo Resources Page.

And what about Twin?
Index of /~max/twin/docs
Twin - a Textmode WINdow environment TUTORIAL

Virtual private servers and security contexts

Switching-Mode Power Supply Design


One Runtime to Bind Them All

Wassergekühlter Prozessor (Konvektion, keine Pumpe)

More Taste: Less Greed? or Sending UNIX to the Fat Farm

Mono & the .NET Framework

Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO

Putting together a complete multimedia architecture for Unix
Video I/O on Linux: Lessons Learned from SGI

Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip)

Windows NT Cripples US Navy Cruiser

Drive Service Company's Top and Bottom list of Hard Drives

PCI Local Bus Technical Summary

D-Subminiature Nomenclature

This is a page with some of John Mashey's (MIPS) greatest Usenet-hits
RISC-vs-CISC, one more time
Shared Memory vs. Message Passing
We've discussed the virtualization issue before
NUMAflex essay

Jornada 720 Status Page

the Familiar Project

Mozilla Developer Documentation

XUL Tutorials
XUL Tutorial

Indy tech (Hardware information for the Silicon Graphics Indy Workstation)
Pictures of SGI hardware

How to mirror a NetBSD-1.5.2 installation with RAIDFrame

Fully Automated Install

Bootstrapping an Infrastructure
Why Order Matters: Turing Equivalence in Automated Systems Administration

8051 Manufacturers
Microcontroller FAQ
The Official 8051 microcontroller FAQ

Memtest86 - A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic

Chip Directory
Chips by category (function)

Virtual Network Computing
X-based VNC server
VNCviewer for X (3.3.3 onwards)
Making VNC more secure using SSH

TightVNC: Enhanced VNC Distribution

Serial buses information page
PC joystick interface circuits
Basic electronics components list

Microchip Technology Inc
PIC16F5X Data Sheet
PICmicro ® 18C MCU Family Reference Manual

Design Principles for Tamper-Resistant Smartcard Processors

The ELF Virus Writing HOWTO

The Art of Assembly Language
DOS/16-bit edition
PDF version of "The Art of Assembly Language Programming"
System Organization (Chapter Three)
Memory Layout and Access (Chapter Four)
The 80x86 Instruction Set (Chapter Six)
Floating Point Arithmetic (Chapter 14)
Strings and Character Sets (Chapter 15)
Interrupts, Traps, and Exceptions (Chapter 17)
Linux Version
Linux System Calls for HLA Programmers (and Assembly in General)
High Level Assembly Language
What is HLA All About, Anyway?
The High Level Assembly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List
HLA Reference Manual
Teaching Assembly Language Using HLA
The Great Debate

Assembler Simplified With terse Algebraic Assembly Language

Macrovision FAQ

Re: gEDA: Re: "FREE" CPLD fitter tools (PAL Asm fuer Unix/Linux)

galprog GAL Programmer Software for Linux

Volker Boschs Homepage
Galassembler fuer 16V8 und 20V8 Gals (GALs)

Top : Software : Scientific : Electronic (LinuxLinks)

digilent inc, System Boards
Digilab D2 circuit board featuring Xilinx Spartan2 FPGA
Digilab 2 Reference Manual

Linux IP Masquerade HOWTO

Der AS/400 Grundkurs

trenz electronic
TE-XC2S Spartan-II Development System Description
TE-BL: Buttons & Light Expansion Board

At long last a real pizza box case sighted

Quickstart Technology Ltd
Logic Development Boards
Unique features of the QST0201

Testing FPGA Devices Using JBits

Device preview: Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 VGA resolution PDA

Sharp Zaurus SL-C700

Zaurus SL-C700 Coming to America, but not from Sharp!
Sharp C-700 English Pictures!

The PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Bus

EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System
EROS: A Principle-Driven Operating System from the Ground Up

Search Our Document Database
JESD21-C (JEDEC Configurations for Solid State Memories (Chips and Modules))
168 Pin Unbuffered SDRAM DIMM Family
184 Pin Unbuffered DDR SDRAM DIMM Family
184 Pin PC1600/2100 DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DIMM
278 Pin Buffered SDRAM DIMM Family

Tiny Programs
A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux

Embedding Linux: Issues, Questions, and Answers

MAX366, MAX367 Signal Line Circuit Protector with Three Independent Protectors
MAX498, MAX499 Quad-Triple, SPDT, RGB Switches with 250MHz Video Buffer Amplifiers
RS-232 Line Driver/Receivers
+5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers
Protection and Isolation

PC/104 Specification
PC/104-Plus Specification

Singlix TS

Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO

MyCPU (TTL self made)

Storage Review

PCI&AGP Local Bus Programming & Information


Welcome to Dillo Project!

Doing It Over (Byte) - Interview Ritchie (Unix->Plan9) and Cutler (VMS->NT)


256 color xterm

256 color xterm demo

Bernd Paysan's Homepage
4stack Processor
b16 Processor
Why I Use Forth

The Xilinx Spartan-II Evaluation Platform

ASCII - ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Table with HTML Entity Names

VPR for Virtex + JBits Interface

Linux Quickcam Express

QuickCam Third-Party Drivers

Ronja (Twibright Labs)
What is Ronja?

Assigned Port Numbers (IANA)

Browse Literature
Data Sheets
ispLSI 1000EA Family Architectural Description
ispLSI 1016EA
ispLSI 1032EA
ispLSI 1048EA
ispLSI 2000E, 2000VE and 2000VL Family Architectural Description
ispLSI 2192VE
ispLSI 3448
ispLSI 5000V Family Architectural Description
ispLSI 5512VE
ispLSI 8000 and 8000V Family Architectural Description
ispLSI 81080V

PCIFAQ (Kolter)

Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present (V 13.0.0)
Section One: Before the Great Dark Cloud
Section Two: Forgotten/Innovative Designs before the Great Dark Cloud
Section Three: The Great Dark Cloud Falls: IBM's Choice
Section Four: Unix and RISC, a New Hope
Section Five: Born Beyond Scalar
Section Six: Beyond RISC - Search for a New Paradigm
Section Seven: Weird and Innovative Chips

Elektronik und Microcontroller (Burkhard Kainka)
Die Bastelecke
Licht aus dem Schrittmotor
Mit Röhren basteln: Die ECC86
5 einfache Versuche mit LED und Transistor
Kleine LED-Kunde
Der Schleifenoszillograph
Edisons Wunderlampe
Die Braunsche Röhre
Elektronik und Mikrocontroller, Links

Digital Camera Support for UNIX, Linux and BSD


FPGAs are fun!
PWM and one-bit DAC
10BASE-T FPGA interface

Welcome to Get IEEE 802?
Portfolio to Get IEEE 802
IEEE 802 Overview and Architecture
IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Access Method ("Ethernet")

Digital Photography Review

1000 oder 1024 (HD sizes, K vs k vs Ki, HD structures and sizes, (E)IDE/BIOS limits)

SCSI Configured AutoMagically

ProASIC PLUS Flash Family FPGAs
Axcelerator Family FPGAs
SX-A Family FPGAs
Integrator Series FPGAs
Accelerator Series FPGAs - ACT 3 Family
ACT 2 Family FPGAs
ACT 1 Series FPGAs

Open Palmtop Integrated Environment

Programmable System-on-a-Chip

The Xen virtual machine monitor

Benchmarking BSD and Linux

Canon Digital IXUS 330 and IXUS 400 with LINUX

Frequently Asked Questions about sed, the stream editor

DY6000 Family FAST Field Programmable Gate Array

TOY/2 - a minimalist 16-bit CPU

Embedded Processor and Microcontroller primer and FAQ

Tiny C Compiler - C Scripting Everywhere - The Smallest Linux Compiler
TCCBOOT: TinyCC Boot Loader
Obfuscated Tiny C Compiler

Page holds UNIX assembly programming related resources

The Scriptometer

The Great Computer Language Shootout

GNU Embedded Libraries for 68HC11 and 68HC12
GEL for 68HC11 and 68HC12

The Contiki Operating System and Desktop Environment
Contiki Ports
uIP - A Free Small TCP/IP Implementation for 8- and 16-bit Microcontrollers
Full TCP/IP for 8-Bit Architectures
lwIP A Lightweight TCP/IP Stack
phpstack - A TCP/IP Stack and Webserver in PHP

About Ethernut

BGAs selber einlöten
Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA)

The OSKit Project

The C Language Calling Sequence

General Decimal Arithmetic

Build Your Own Arcade Controls

The Forth Source
Levels of Forth (1991)
Forth Philosophy (1998)
comp.lang.forth Frequently Asked Questions

M. Anton Ertl
Forth Research at Institut für Computersprachen
Threaded Code

Publications by Bradford J. Rodriguez
Moving Forth

Homebrew CPU
VSC (Very Simple Computer)

Mark's TTL microprocessor

Build Your Own Forth
ANS Forth and Other Standards
Forth for Free

Forth Interest Group

Rickard's electronic projects page
PIC Game System
How to generate video signals in software using PIC
SX Game System
Howto generate color video signals in software - Introduction
Virtual Game System - A game console with a mechanically scanned display

Consumer Electronics Design Education Project
Consumer Electronics Class
Conventional Analog Television - An Introduction
Audio Compact Disk - An Introduction

The Executable and Linking Format (ELF)

Linux On Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs and Mobile Cell Phones

Paul Graham
Stopping Spam
A Plan for Spam
So Far, So Good
Beating the Averages
Lisp in Web-Based Applications
Lisp FAQ
Chapter 2 of ANSI Common Lisp
On Lisp
Java's Cover
The Other Road Ahead
Great Hackers
Hackers and Painters
What you can't Say
Revenge of the Nerds
Succinctness is Power
Being Popular
The Python Paradox
Five Questions about Language Design
Taste for Makers
Programming Bottom-Up

Lisp Resources
Common Lisp Educational Resources

Evolution of Lisp

Einfach für Alle - Informationen zum Barrierefreien Webdesign

Index to the Grumpy Editor series
A grumpy user's browser review
The Grumpy Editor's browser review - a followup
The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Viewers
he Grumpy Editor's guide to terminal emulators
The Grumpy Editor's guide to mail clients: introduction

Multimedia Research Institute

Handy One-Liners for sed

Perl Development: Perl 6
Perl Development: Perl6 Architecture
Perl Development: Parrot and Perl6 PDDs
Perl Development: Perl6 Apocalypses
Perl Development: Exegeses

The Craft of Text Editing

X Gamestation
XGameStation Micro Edition
XGameStation Pico Edition Kit 1.0
XGameStation Pico Edition Kit 2.0
Hydra Game Development Kit

Jaakko Hyvätti Picprog 1.7 documentation
PIC12F675 8-pin pong

Index of /download/pgubook

Casting SPELs in LISP

Why's (Poignant) Guide To Ruby

C64 Direct-to-TV

Intel Assembler 80x86 CodeTable
Intel Assembler 80186 and higher

sandpile.org (x86 processor information)
general purpose registers
EFLAGS register
opcode encoding
one byte opcodes
opcode groups
16bit mod R/M byte
32bit mod R/M byte
32bit SIB byte
condition codes

[Ksummit-2004-discuss] Processor/Systems Architects Panel

C of Peril

Keyboard, Monitor & Mouse Pinouts

Complete Archive (Joel on Software)
Things You Should Never Do, Part I (rewrites from scratch)
Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don't Have Testers
Painless Software Schedules
The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code
Strategy Letter IV: Bloatware and the 80/20 Myth
Good Software Takes Ten Years. Get Used To it.
In Defense of Not-Invented-Here Syndrome
The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)
How Microsoft Lost the API War
The Perils of JavaSchools
Can Your Programming Language Do This?

Linux on the NSLU2

NSLU2 Linux

Practical Common Lisp

Video1 (PIC18 to VGA)
Video2 (PIC18+SRAM to VGA)

EEPROM Programmer

Ubicom's SX Microcontroller Family

Electrons :: Articles :: AVR
Intro To AVR Microcontrollers
Atmel AVR Microcontroller Projects with Linux
AVR-GCC Programming Guide
AVR Chip Programming with Linux
AVR In-System Programmer (non-STK200 AVRdude)

AVR Assembler Tutorial

Entscheidung Mikrocontroller
AVR PIC 51-Vergleich
AVR Checkliste
SMD Löten

Effects Building Techniques Version 1.2

Driving 8 or 9 7 segment displays with 8 or 9 io pins (and no extra circuitry)
Driving 12 leds with 4 uController pins
Driving multiple bicolor LEDs in a matrix from and embedded controller
Brighter Appearance through pulsing

Programmieradapter für Atmel AVR Prozessoren (STK200 ohne LED)

Analog Devices
Analog Microcontrollers
ADUC841 - Precision Analog Microcontroller: 20MIPS 8052
ADUC7027 - Precision Analog Microcontroller: 45MIPS ARM7

Systems Software Research is Irrelevant

Using the RGB signal (VGA to S-VHS or SCART)
VGA to TV converter (SCART RGB)
VGA to PAL and NTSC converter (S-Video and Composite)

Parallel Virtual File System

I Love The Smell Of Spyware Burning In The Morning

Handbook of hardware pinouts, cables schemes and connectors layouts - full listing

PC mouse information

Low Level Virtual Machine
LLVM: A Compilation Framework for Lifelong Program Analysis & Transformation

Oscilloscope Block Diagram and Schematics

Greg's Homemade Oscilloscope Page

Sony Playstation Controller Information

USB Mass Storage Driver for Linux
Observed USB Mass Storage Target Deviations from the Published Specification

Out of the (C++) loop

Diskless Linux Kiosks

Grokking the MCS-48 System


Collection of Software Bugs

xterm escape sequences




ARM Architecture Reference Manual

Dallas Semiconductor - Maxim
8051 Drop-In Microcontrollers
DS89C430, DS89C440, DS89C450 Ultra-High-Speed Flash Microcontrollers
DS89C430/DS89C450 Ultra-High-Speed Flash Microcontrollers
Ultra-High-Speed Flash Microcontroller User s Guide
TINI Networked Microcontrollers

Silicon Laboratories
8051 Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers
C8051F120/1/2/3/4/5/6/7 C8051F130/1/2/3

FT232BM/BL/BQ (USB VCP <-> RS232, with FIFO Buffers)
FT245BM/BL/BQ (USB VCP <-> 8bit, with FIFO Buffers)

Welcome to the Electronics Club
Electronic Components
4000 series CMOS Logic ICs
74 Series Logic ICs

Roy J. Tellason's Parts Pages
Discrete Transistor Characteristics - 2N numbers
Discrete Transistor Characteristics - 2SB numbers

Microprocessor Resources (www.x86.org)
In-Depth Articles
Dr.Dobb's Undocumented Corner
On-line Intel documentation
80186 Manuals


USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

Implementing USB 1.1 in Firmware

Common transistor pinouts

Chip Datasheets EPROMs (2716..32, 27C64..512, 27C1001..8001, 274002)

UHC124 4 port embedded USB host controller

Data Sheet
HM6264A Series
KM62256C Family
HM628512 Series
CY7C130/CY7C131 1K x 8 Dual-Port Static Ram

8085 CPU Pinout

Forth, Inc
What is Forth?
Starting FORTH by Leo Brodie

Logic Probe with Pulse

DIY Logic Probe

Achieve troubleshooting ecstacy with this simple TTL tool!

SOIC8 to DIP8, Make yourself SOIC to DIP adapter

Package Information, 4. Outline of Surface Mount Technology (pinout sizes SOP TSOP QFP TQFP PLCC BGA)

MiniTechNet - wo die Zukunft kleiner wird

Embedded Products Available Literature (AMD)

Moore's Law is Crap (anti sequential Rant, for massively parallel)
Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns (verbose Java conventions)

slipway and abits

Research : Papers
A Library and Platform for FPGA Bitstream Manipulation

This is the Giant Internet IC Masturbator
4000 series CMOS IC's: 4000...4049
7400 series TTL IC's: 7400...7449

AVR-ChipBasic2: Ein BASIC-programmierbarer Einchip-Computer mit dem ATMega644

Floppy Disk Drives
X1D Range
Model: X1DE-00R
Replacement drives for Portables (incl W1D)

HD44780U (LCD-II)

How to use Intelligent LCDs - Part One
How to use Intelligent LCDs - Part Two

Technical Report on C++ Performance

SELF8051 - Grundlagen der 51er Mikrocontroller-Familie - Dein Nachschlagewerk

µWatch (RPN/alg calculator)

Welcome to the HP Calculator Wiki! (HP 20b software modding)

Nonvolatile F-RAM Memory
Serial F-RAM Memory
FM24C512 (512Kb FRAM 5V I2C Serial Memory)
FM24V10 (1Mb I2C Serial 3V F-RAM Memory)
FM25256B (256Kb SPI FRAM Serial 5V Memory)
FM25V05 (512Kb SPI Serial 3V F-RAM Memory)
FM25V10 (1Mb SPI Serial 3V F-RAM Memory)

SL[ROGY]2016 4char 5x7matrix ASCII++ alpha display

DL[ROG]1414 4char 5x7matrix ASCII++ alpha display

Mathematics Written in Sand - the HP-15C, Intel 8087, etc

IBM S/360 Subroutines

The Official SCSI FAQ

J1: a small Forth CPU Core for FPGAs

Thread: what is the difference between 74ls and 74hc (lists all 74LETTERS meanings)

Programmers's Reference Manual (68000)

ROM Laboratory (Pinouts)

Intel HEX format

Motorola S-records

AD725 - Low Cost RGB to NTSC/PAL Encoder with Luma Trap Port

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