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S T A R T R E K - The Nude Generation

Known Name This Story
Starring: Jean-Luc Picard
William Riker
Beverly Crusher
Deanna Troi
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Data
Long-Luc Dickhard
William Rideher
Cleverly Crusher
Doyouwanna Try
Geordi TheLarge
Master Beta
Also With: Guinan
Westly Crusher
Cheif O'Brien
Ensign Ro
Chestly Crusher
Cheif O'Guyin
Ensign Blo
Special Guests: Lwuxana Troi
Mr. Homm
Dr. Leah Brahms
3 of 5 (Borg - Hue)
Coxonna Try
Mr. Hung
Dr. Leah Brahms (same)

"Captain's Log - star date 42193.2. We are currently en-route to the Smegma system where we have a scheduled rendezvous with the Star Cruiser Rocksoff. There, we will be taking aboard Mrs. Coxonna Try and Dr. Leah Brahms who are both returning to Star Base 69."

Meanwhile, Chestly Crusher is alone in his mother's quarters browsing through the latest issue of 'Girls Over 40'. "Oooooh", he moans as his self service intensifies. His stroking becomes faster, his grip tighter, his member rock hard. Suddenly an intense rush of pleasure sweeps over him... as does a stream of his cum. "Yuk! Damn! I can't believe I did that again". Wiping himself off with his mother's towel he stowes the magazine under his bed. He finds himself exhausted and lays down to rest.

Ten-Forward is relatively quiet. Guynone is behind the bar having a philosophical conversation with Whoref. "What I'm saying, Whoref, is that I just don't feel attracted to men". He moves back slightly on his stool, "I don't understand. That is unnatural. There must be something wrong with you". Guynone recognizes the emphasis placed on "Wrong".

"Listen, Whoref, don't be so quick to judge what you don't understand. I realize you Klingons consider yourselves the 'Studs' of the galaxy, but some species prefer a soft touch to the hard, barbaric pounding you have to offer".

"You wouldn't know anything about what I have to offer!" Whoref snaps back. During his rebuttal Whoref pulls down the lower portion of his uniform revealing the extent of his Klingon heritige. Guynone's eyes bulge out of their sockets. "Damn!", she says, "Seeing that reminds me of 'The Color Purple'!".

"Hot Chocolate", Doyouwanna's voice coos at the replicator in her cabin. Her patient, a newly acquired Ensign, sits nervously.

Doyouwanna slides back into her chair, cupping the warmth of her drink. "Now, Ensign Onya, I sense a great need inside you", she begins. The young girl lifts her head. She is shy and quite beautiful. "Oh no, Doyouwanna, there is nothing inside me now. I took it out before our appointment".

Doyouwanna smiles at the girls nievtae. "What I meant was that I get the feeling you desire something you've never had before". The Ensign's eyes immediately break contact from Doyouwanna's. "Oh God, she knows!" Onya thought to herself.

Without another word Doyouwanna slips out of her chair moving towards the Ensign. Before Onya can blink Doyouwanna is kneeling in front of her. Her body feels charged with energy as Counselor Try strokes her creamy thighs. "You're very beautiful" Doyouwanna's voice causes a shiver up Onya's back. "Relax, I won't hurt you."

Without thinking, Ensign Onya begins to disrobe. Her innocent blue eyes sparkle off her milk white skin. Her breasts break free of the snug Starfleet uniform and into Doyouwanna's mouth causing an instant moan.

Ensign Onya sprawls back onto the couch, now completely naked. The Counselor begins the Betazoid tounge taste test between Onya's legs. Her love box is completely wet and ready, but Doyouwanna is making her wait. The inexperienced Ensign begins to buck in anticipation as Doyouwanna's fingers move up and down her inner thighs, each time as if they might make contact with her Vagina, but veering away at the last moment.

Finally the Counselor's fingers make contact with Onya's clitoris. At first the Ensign is thrusting wildly, but she soon engages a rythmic motion like a well oiled machine. Onya's shy, timid nature is unapparent as her moans turn to screams of pleasure. "Oh, YES!, YES!, HARDER!, MORE!" The ships computer responds, "Please restate request". "FUCK ME YOU HOT BITCH!, AHHH OHHHHHhhhhh!". The computer continues, "That function is unavailable".

The turbolift was pungent with the smell of forbidden lust. Captain Dickhard and Commander Rideher stepped in. Rideher took a deep breath. He did everything deep. Dickhard was mildly upset at the odor. "When are these people going to stop using the turbolift for quick encounters. This ship is the size of a country and yet people still want to 'do it' in the elevator!". "I think, sir", Rideher interjects, "that they all want to join the 'Billion Mile High' club". Dickhard's brow rises, "That's no excuse". The doors opened onto the bridge and the two step out.

"Status, Master Beta." Dickhard becons. Master Beta responds instantly with a clear, pleasant tone. "I am equiped with a 12 inch penis designed for maximum pleasure and penetration. My testicles are modeled after..." "Enough Beta! I was referring to the status on board this ship". Dickhard was more aggrivated now. Master Beta twitched his head in thought and began again. "Sorry, sir. The status on board the ship is normal. A breakdown of recent activity reveals 1024 persons aboard ship. 893 were participating in some sort of sexual encounter. 501 involved vaginal penetration, 356 were oral, 28 were anal, 7 were masturbation, 1 was with a house pet. Of the humanoid encounters, 445 were with members of the opposite sex and 125 homosexual..." "BETA! Please!" Dickhard was now beyond aggrivated, he was downright horny!

"What's this?" Cheif O'Guyin looks up at his new wife serving breakfast for the first time. "Sushi" was the innocent reply. "Oh, God Kinko, if I wanted to smell raw fish in the morning I'd stick my head between your legs!". "Miles!", her tone rose slightly. "OK, OK", Miles calmed down, "I'll eat it". Before Kinko could blink in apology her pants came ripping off and she was tossed backwards onto their dining table. O'Guyin's tounge 'fished' it's way in and out of the oriental love slit sending Kinko into a blinding ecstacy. So intense was the feeling that she knocked over her bowl of rice. The sensation emminating from her pussy sent shivers up her entire body like waves of electricity. She grabbed her husband's head as it bobed up and down, making sure he wouldn't stop. She began to moan softly, "oooooh". The pleasure intensified her voice steadily until it reached a feverish pitch, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, UH, UH, UH, UH" her orgasm jolted her body in spasms. Her hands, now gripping tight around her husbands head sent it up and down with her pumping hips. Unfortunately for Chief O'Guyin, this meant his face was smashing into the edge of their table. "OW, OW, OW, OW" he grunted. It was over as quickly as it started.

Kinko relaxed and a calm swept over her body as she sighed in satisfaction. Cheif O'Guying was holding his chin looking in the medicine cabinet. "Kinko?..." Miles waited for a response. "Ummmm" was the only sound she could mutter. "I've got to get to my post. I'll see you later, darling." He kissed her forehead. As he was almost out the door he turned, "You know I've always wondered why I'm hungry an hour after I eat you?".

Holodeck 3 looked like an engineering lab. Lieutenant Geordi TheLarge was conversing with his female generated image. "Dr. Brahms, we are in a crisis situation, I need your help." "No Geordi", the voice was soft and inviting, "What you mean is that I'm a tramp meant to serve as your personal sex slave. To perform whatever discusting, perverted act your filthy mind can dream up. To submit my young, perfect body to your need for flesh... Right!". Geordi responded innocently, "Well, that's another way to put it." The holodeck creation then blinked her lashes over her beautiful round, dark eyes. Her lips revealed a smile. The kind that causes and instant hard-on, and it did. "God", he said out loud to himself, "to think I'm actually going to meat... I mean meet you. Exit!". The holodeck door revealed itself like reality cutting into a dream. Geordi walked out hoping the bulge between his legs would subside quickly.

"We have reached our destination, Captain." Beta's voice was neutral as usual. "Thank you Master Beta, hold position." Dickhard touched his communicator located directly over his genitals. "Bridge to transporter room, are we ready to beam the passengers over?". "Uh, Ow! stop trying to pull, it's stuck!" came the reply to a bewildered Captain Dickhard. "Is everything alright, Chief O'Guyin?". "Uh, sorry..." a grunting sound accompanyed the words. "We are ready, sir. AHHHHHHHH!". Rideher interrupts "What the hell is going on down there!?". "Sorry Commander. My wife was just visiting me. Kinko dear, please take the anal intruder kit back to our room, I've got work to do. Don't worry, we'll get it out later."

Captain Dickhard was feeling unusually frustrated as he turned to Commander Rideher. "Not only do I have to put up with Mrs. Try being aboard", he spoke softly, "but my transporter officer is on duty with a dildo up his ass! My God Will, I feel like I'm losing respect." "Oh don't worry, sir", Rideher comforted, "we'll still respect you in the morning".

The familiar hum of the transporter preceeded the sparkling materialization of three figures. Mrs. Coxonna Try stood out because of the Betazoid tradition of travelling naked. Mr. Hung, her personal manservant, towered almost to the transporter ceiling. He, however, was not naked. Neither was Dr. Leah Brahms, a super-intelligent (and a superbly shaped) engineer. She was just stepping off the transporter when Geordi TheLarge entered the room. "Dr. Brahms, welcome aboard the Enter-Prize, I'm Lieutennant Commander Geordi TheLarge." He said cordially as he extended his hand. Unbeknownst to everyone except Geordi something else had also extended itself.

The doorway parted again and in walked Doyouwanna. "Greetings mother, how are you?" Coxonna stepped off the pad exhuberantly hugging her daughter "Oh, I'm just wonderful dear. Now where is that cute Captain of yours?" her eyes darted about the room. "Please mother, Captain Dickhard is very busy. I'm sure he'll welcome you aboard later." Coxonna smiled as here eyes widened "And I will reciprocate by welcoming him aboard my vessel, too!".

Captain Dickhard had just slipped on his white satin robe when the door sounded. He responded commandingly as ususal "Come". Dr. Cleverly Crusher entered "Good morning Long-Luc, how are you?" Her tone was so pleasant the Captain actually felt better even though he hadn't felt bad before. They both stood for a long moment, each immersed in their own thoughts about the other.

Cleverly's long, reddish hair swirled ever so slightly around her shoulders. It's texture looked as soft as silk, and it was. The zipper on her shirt was at its lowest possible position revealing two soft, ripe mounds pressing hard against each other. The line between them was almost more inviting than the breasts themselves. Her waist curved like an hourglass, her hips rounded and continued onto legs that any man would die to have strapped around him.

Even though Long-Luc had only recently woken up his appearance was more than acceptable to Cleverly. After all, there was no hair to mess up. His head reminded her of the tip of a penis. And what a penis he had. It had gone where no one had gone before, over and over. But it was more than his body that turned her on. More than his firm but soft chest. More than his tight, French butt. It was his gestures, his attitude, his very controlling nature that showed through his face. And this was Sunday morning... time for their weekly ritual.

Long-Luc poured the Earl Grey tea as Cleverly licked a danish. It was obviously an erotic jesture designed to excite Long-Luc. He seemed not to notice but Cleverly knew better. She began the conversation, "You've been a naughtly boy, Long-Luc." His eyes looked up from his tea, but his mouth was still pressed against the rim "How so?". Cleverly smiled with the face of an angel. She reached to her side with speed faster than warp 9. Her smile remained the same as she produced a black whip. Captain Dickhard's eyes widened. Still in his robe he pushed out his chair with a single body motion. The teacup was hastily placed on the saucer as he turned to run. Cleverly was already standing near the door. Long-Luc dashed for the bathroom but collapsed without warning. Cleverly moved forward leisurly, almost sauntering "I spiked your tea, Captain", two quick gigles followed. Her soft smile faded to a look rivaling Hitler. She stood over the Captain like a conqueror while calling into the air "Computer, open cabinet 'C'". The cabinet door slid aside revealing a myriad of masochistic pariphinalia. Everything from leather underwear to spiked bracelets were represented. Captain Dickhard was sleeping like a tranquillized animal.

When he awoke he was bound to his bed, adorned in the acoutrements of cabinet 'C'. His robe now gone, he was dressed all in black leather. Spiked bracelets bound his legs and arms to secure points with chains. Leather underwear may have been uncomfortable, but it was covering his genitals. A two inch thick spiked necklace completed the package.

Cleverly stood over him, herself dolled up in a leather outfit. The only difference besides the items were the texture. Long-Luc's were thick and hard. Cleverly wore soft, thin leather. Her high black boots complimented her long legs. She wore blue leather shorts with a blue top that encircled her tits, allowing them to show completely. Black leather gloves covered her hands, one of which was still holding the whip. She glanced down lovingly at Long-Luc. Her breath was full and slow, allowing her full, round boobs to heave in a motion that would drive half the galaxy wild.

"Don't worry Captain", she comforted, "this won't hurt a bit". A pause followed as she brought forth a whip. "Ha!" she completed her thought, "Like hell it won't!" The sharp sound of leather cracking echoed through the cabin like a bullet.

"What is it Master Beta?" Rideher stood motionless staring at the main view screen. "It is a disabled Borg scout ship, Sir. There is one Borg alive, four others have ceased functioning." Rideher thought for a moment "Ensign Douche - continue scanning for any Borg rescue ships. Whoref - you will be part of my away team. Master Beta - you have the bridge. Mr. Crusher - maintain standard orbit... and put that magazine away!"

Rideher tapped his communicator as he and Whoref rode the turbolift. "Dr. Crusher to transporter room three".

Long Luc's cabin was dark with a purple mist in the air. The mist was an andorian aphrodisiac made especially for sado-masochists. As soon as she heard Rideher's voice Cleverly's head snapped up as if someone had sneaked up behind her. Her hair tossed elegantly revealing a beautiful, but somewhat sinister face. She was panting, and not without reason. She sighed in dissapointment, then dismounted Captain Dickhard. "Damn, I was almost there." she whispered aloud as she rushed to put her starfleet uniform on. Dashing to the bathroom for a moment to check for marks and brush her hair was all she needed to do before leaving. At the cabin door she turned to the Captain, still chained to the bed, "Don't go away" a snighed laugh followed as she proceeded out into what seemed like a blinding light even though it was only the corridor. As the cabin doors closed a puff of purple mist escaped along with a cry for help "Get me out of....".

"What have you done to my designs?!" Dr. Leah Brahms was still beautiful, but also quite angry as she addressed Geordi TheLarge. "Well, sometimes in the field we are forced to try new ideas." was the calm rebuttal. "Speaking of which," Geordi continued, "would you like to get together for dinner in my cabin later? I make a great Moon-jelly." The anger in Leah's face softened as a surprised smile replaced it "I love Moon-jelly". Geordi knowingly tilted his head and thought to himself "I know, and I'll bet I know what else you love to eat".

Sickbay had a new tennant in the form of an injured Borg. Dr. Crusher hovered over the alien tending to the wounds. Commander Rideher and Whoref stood back, arms folded, eyes piercing down at their enemy.

"That's amazing!" Dr. Crusher marveled. "What is it, Doctor?", Rideher was curious. "This Borg", she replied, "is very readily equiped". "How so?" Whoref interjects. "This area of his body seems to be dedicated to sexual gratification. These five pockets contain all types of condoms, " Dr. Crusher presses a pocket which opens up, "Ohhh, ribbed!" she coughs realizing her company and presses the item back into the pocket. Her tone once again becomes professional, "The electronic buttons here seem to produce certain stimuli. I wonder what this red one is for..." as she presses the button a protective panel in the Borg's uniform mechanically swings out. What swings out next causes all three to drop their jaws wide open.

"He, e, e, es Huege!" Cleverly's voice is scratchy with surprise. Rideher closes his mouth and replaces his look of awe with a look of discust, "Great, we've captured Huege, the wonder stud!". Whoref, always thinking of security, turns to Rideher, "I'm not sure if we have a holding cell big enough for both of them, sir." Rideher looks back sarcastically, "Just confine him after the doctor is through, Whoref."

Geordi TheLarge's quarters are dimly lit, soft jazz fills the air. A quaint table is set with wine, cheese, and a covered pot in the center containing the main dish, Moon-Jelly. Geordi, anticipating the evenings events, dances back and forth making sure everything is just right.

The cabin doorbell rings, and a sinister smile takes over Geordi's face. "Come in", his voice is friendly and confident. The doors slide open. Dr. Brahms hesitates due to this light, "Commander TheLarge?". "Over here, I set the lights low for an intimate dinner." She makes her way into the room. Her eyes begin to adjust when she notices the table. "It looks wonderful, you really didn't have to do this. I'm sorry I yelled at you this afternoon." "Hey, no problem, doc. Please sit down, everything is ready".

Leah smiles as she nibbles on some cheese. Geordi looks on, amazed that anyone could be so desireable. Her face gestures as she eats are so lovely. He stares, inspired by her beauty, he can just picture his cock stuffed in her mouth instead of the cheese.

Suddenly, he snaps out of his daydream, "What, Leah?". She repeats herself with a smile, "I said, how did you make the Moon-Jelly?". "Oh," he appears relived at an easy question, "I used a version our replicator had. I remember thinking of you in particular while making it." Geordi lifts to lid off the pot to reveal a bubling mess of rancid gellatin. Both their faces became sour with the sight and smell which had been contained by the lid.

"Computer!" Geordi yells out, "What did I ask the replicator to make for dinner?". "You requested KY-Jelly, boiled." was the placid response. "Oh shit", the sound of lost hope was in Geordi's voice.

Ms. Coxonna Try was streaming down the hall. Coming the other way almost as fast was Chestly Crusher whose bridge duty had recently finished. He had stopped by his mother's cabin and was on his way to the holodeck when... BAM! Coxonna Try fell to the floor in a daze. Opposite her, the young Mr. Crusher was shaking his head as he sat up to see what he had run into. Coxonna shuffled over to see if he was alright when she slipped on a magazine. Chestly tried to grab it away but it was too late.

A short silence ensued as Coxonna perused the magazine. It seemed like eternity to Chestly who was trying to think up excuses. Coxonna didn't give him the chance to speak. "Hmmm, over 40, you have very good taste my young friend." She was now looking at Chestly in a whole new way. Chestly opened his mouth but before he could say anything, Ms. Try was on her feet and had pulled him up as well. "It is obvious, young man" Coxonna's tone was authoritative, "that you have a serious problem..." then she whispered into his ear, "and I intend to help." Before he could ponder her meaning she yanked his arm jolting his body down the hall like a small boat in tow.

"aaaaahhhhhHHHHHHHH, UH!" Captain Dickhard looked at his hand in relief after he finally managed to free himself from bondage. A few minutes later he was dressed in his standard uniform and on his way to the bridge, his step was brisk, his attitude dignified.

The turbolift doors opened. Captain Dickhard stepped onto an empty bridge. His brisk steps came to an instant halt as the reality sunk in. His eyes darted around the room a few times attempting to locate anyone else. He slowly walked down the ramp to the center of the room.

"Computer," the familiar electronic trickle followed, "current location of Commander Rideher". The near monotonic response was immediate, "Commander Rideher is in Ten-Forward". Dickhard continued the queries, "Current location of Master Beta". "Master Beta is in Ten- Forward". "Current location of Counselor Try". "Counselor Try is in Ten-Forward". "What the hell...?" the Captain whispered to himself. The pace returned to his step as he proceeded to the turbolift.

The guest quarters of Coxonna Try were filled with the sounds of animal passion. Two figures embraced naked on the bed. Chestly was thrusting his penis into Ms. Try over and over. His movement was so filled with pent-up frustration that the bed threatened to detach from the wall. Coxonna's hands held on to Chestly's soft boyish, thin hips as he moved back and forth. His expressions continually changed, the look of surprise washing over his face with each re-entry.

Chestly moved his hands onto Coxonna's well developed, heaving breasts. The feeling was so good he came immediately. Despite what most would consider a sexual conclusion, he didn't miss a beat. Ms. Try was well preserved for a woman of her age, and Chestly knew it. His eyes swept over her curves, the signs of age just beginning to set in excited him even more. He tilted his head down and watched as his red colored cock, fully covered with twat juice, glided in and out of what had been his ultimate fantasy. The sight of her vaginal hairs parting for his intruder caused him to whip his head up and let out a loud moan. He could feel his cum streaming into her. Coxonna too, became excited at the sight of the young, undeveloped boy. But more enticing was the reactions she was producing from him.

Now, with bodies pressed against each other, the pace had slowed, but the pleasure intensified. Coxonna felt every part of Chestly on her, and in her, "Ohhh, it feels sooo gooood" she whispered softly. She moved her hands from his hips to his ass, "God it is so young and tight" she thought to herself. Her mouth began to kiss his neck. The young Ensign was learning the subtle touches that produced massive reactions as he came again. All Betazoids had orgasms each time her partners did, and Ms. Try was no exception. She was being drained with each excretion, but she was loving every minute of it...

The hallway was quiet except for the scuffing sound of Captain Dickhard's shoes against the rug. The large wooden doors of Ten-Forward slid open as the Captain prepared to discover the attraction of this part of his ship. Long-Luc stopped dead in his tracks as a naked couple fell out onto the floor, the support of the doors now gone.

Long-Luc's eyes glided over the couple into the room. The dark lighting made it difficult to make out detail, but it was the sounds emminating from the bar that gave away the nature of the festivities. A blending of voices, all moaning in orchestral harmony echoed into the hall.

"Ohhhhhh...Ahhhhhhh..YesssUmmmmmmOhekkkAAAAhuhuhuh,Uh,UH!..." the sounds streamed on as the Captain finally collected his thoughts. "My God!" was all he could say at first, but at least in his usual 'Captainly' tone. He was about to venture into the room when Guynone appeared at the door facing him. She was completely naked except for her cosmic hat. Her expression was calm and peaceful as usual. "Damn, why doesn't anything unnerve her?" the Captain thought to himself. "Hello, Captain", she said as if everything was normal. "Guynone," Long-Luc began with a controlled tone, "Would you explain why my entire bridge crew is lost in a sea of flesh in Ten-Forward"? "I think you'd better ask Fuc-Q about that." was the reply as she gestured into the room by the corner window. Long-Luc could see a lone figure lounging by the window on a table surrounded by two voluptuous women feeding him some fruit. Instantly he knew the omnipotent menace had returned to reek havoc on his ship.

While Long-Luc was pondering the problem of traversing the conglomeration of bodies to confront the menace, he was transported right next to Fuc-Q by the entity. He was about to berate Fuc-Q when he realized he was nude. His angry face turned to a wordless look saying 'why did you do that?'. "Fuc-Q", Long-Luc's tone was harsh, "I want you to leave my ship immediately"! "Oh come now Captain," Fuc-Q paused a moment to consider the pun he had just made, "I am providing your crew with a much needed social event. And what thanks do I get? I mean look out there. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves... and enjoying some others as well"! Long-Luc was looking out into the center of the room when he turned back to Fuc-Q with a puzzled look, "Why is that support beam swaying"? Fuc-Q squinted, "That's not a support beam, it's just the Captured Borg showing off".

Fuc-Q raised both his hands in the air, "Is everybody happy"!? At that instant the entire room convulsed into a massive orgasm. Screams of pleasure shattered the air. Long-Luc had to duck to avoid the liquid results of the group event. It seemed like a shoot-out as the Captain watched from the floor.

"How do you feel?" Rideher said cautiously as he and Counsellor Try strolled down the hall. She replied, "Actually quite good. I really didn't mind". Rideher continued, "Yes I agree, but he still shouldn't have done it. I just hope the Captain understands". They arrived at Coxonna Try's quarters. Before Doyouwanna could touch the bell the doors opened. A dazed Chestly was stepping out when he halted at the sight of Commander Rideher and Counsellor Try. His hair was slightly messed, there was lipstick on his cheek, and a smirk on his face. Sensing what had happened, Doyouwanna's expression turned to angry shock. She darted her eyes right at her mother who had a larger smirk on her face than Chestly.

"Mother! How could you?!" Doyouwanna shouted. "Really little one, you should know 'how' by this time. But if you don't we made a visual record of our escapade". Rideher noticed they each had a visual disk in their hands. Chestly produced his 'Girls Over 40' magazine and promptly handed it to him, "Here Sir, I won't be needing this anymore". He then slipped by the pair and proceeded casually down the hall. Doyouwanna and Will turned their heads towards each other. Her face still filled with shock, he simply raised an eyebrow.

The Captain sat alone in his ready room. Turning to his terminal he began to speak. "Captain's Log - star date 42207.5. We are 1 hour away from Star Base 69. The crew seems to have suffered no ill effects from the ordeal he caused in 10-Forward two days ago. I, myself will be looking forward to..." he never got to finish the sentence.

Captain Dickhard re-materialized in Dr. Crusher's quarters. Before he could realize what had happened, Cleverly spoke. "Site to site transport Long-Luc". She smiled and moved towards him, "We have unfinished business", her smile widened as she landed the hypo on the Captain's arm.

The Enter-Prize moved through space with her usual grace. And although space inherently had an absence of light, the glow from each of the ships light sources sliced into the darkness. And even though space inherently had an absence of sound, a single sound had managed to escape the airtight seals of the ships space-aged materials, "Oh no, wait, Cleverly! aaaaahhhhhHHHHHHH, OWWWW!" (sound of leather cracking as the ship glides off into the distance).

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