It's happened to you lots of times. You're just not aware.

Consider the following three scenarios:

* You're at and ATM machine, talking to a friend whilst entering your PIN number. You turn back to the display to see:
Upon retrying, your pin number works.

* You're logging in. You type in your username, the same as you've done twice a day as long as you can remember. You enter your password, the same one you've had since you first started using a computer (regardless of the changes that password programs attempt to force upon you) and back comes:
"You entered an invalid login name or password."
Like Hell. You try again and login, no problems.

* You've typed in your DEFINITIVE work on why you should have a raise. You print it with 5 minutes to go till the appraisal deadline. On the way to deliver it, you see that your name, at the top of the page, in BOLD characters, is mis-spelled.

User mistakes. Dodgy Typing. Keyboard wanderings perhaps. Invalid finger registration upon the keyboard. You might think so.. But..

In a recent freedom-of-information initiative, several major governments have admitted their part in the development of the little known "Risky-Chip".

The size of a pin-head, the Risky-Chip sits on a single track of a Printed Circuit board, appearing to the naked eye to be an innocent solder 'blob'.
In fact it is more.

Much, Much more.

Using the Printed Circuit track as an aerial, the Risky Chip is linked via radio with the International Security Super-Computer Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

This computer controls the world.

Constantly monitoring literally billions of electronic circuits all over the globe, the supercomputer asserts its influence in various ways and analyses the global results.

Your toaster pops up when the bread is still mostly uncooked. You check the timer, it's set ok. You put the toast down for another light browning, it comes out burned. Pushed over the edge for the LAST time, you load up the gun rack and head to a shopping mall. The Risky-Chip SuperComputer watches. Much later, when the Police break into your apartment, they make themselves some perfect toast while they try to figure out what sent you over the edge.


A mutual friend introduces you to the person of your dreams. You get their number and the next day call repeatedly, getting no answer. Two days later you find out from the mutual friend that they waited all that day for you to call, then gave up on you in disgust and went out with the first person who rang their number, a person who incidentally strongly reminds you of a paperweight. It was a chance wrong number! Two weeks later the police start finding individual portions of paperweight-person wrapped in clingfilm in garbage cans all round the city. The media launches a "Horror-on-our-streets" feature and several people get shot by relatives entering their own homes.

How is this happening? Who is doing this? Who's in control?
Questions you ask yourself a dozen times a day - from when the lift stops on EVERY floor after you call it to the parking meter that you're sure is leeching away precious seconds of your cars stationary allocation. (It's no use trying to time it - your digital watch is in on the act as well)

Your video recorder stops scant seconds before you find out exactly WHO murdered the governer in the drawing room with the pump-action toothpaste dispenser. The keyring locator that responds to your whistle slowly but surely increments it's response frequency till you need a dog whistle to find the bloody thing.

Co-incidence? You might think so, but no! It's a CONSPIRICY!

Ever opened up an electronic appliance and seen all the components that are missing from your PC Boards? Sure, they SAY it's because they use the same boards for different models, but really, REALLY, that's where they plug in the mind control components that the risky chip uses!

Remember your best friend in High School? Bought that top of the line stereo with *EVERYTHING*? Then they turned STRANGE? You didn't notice it at first, right, but then they stopped coming to see you and your cockroach collection?
Hint: Mind Control Hardware in action.

You know what it's controlling it all? That's right, the International Security Super-Computer Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. It's all too easy! You know how it works? Somewhere inside that stereo with all the EXTRA components (MIND CONTROL HARDWARE) there's a Risky chip. And you'd better hope *your* name's not acid etched into the top of it...

Of course you don't have to take my word for it. Call the secret service. Ask THEM exactly when they're going to get the Risky Chips and mind control devices the HELL out of your household.

They'll deny everything of course. Like they'll deny a certain ex-president's signature on the bottom of Elvis's last presription. WELL WHAT DID YOU EXPECT THEM TO SAY?:

"Oh. Ok, we'll come and get them right now. And by the way, you've got a cavity in your rear right rear top molar that you might want to get looked at".

I don't think so.

They'll deny it. Then you have to picket outside secret service central until they take you away - a political prisoner (of conscience).

But I don't think you're going to do that. No. I think you're just going to sit there and say "Now THAT guy's lift doesn't even get to the GROUND floor!"

Hint: Mind Control Hardware IN action.