Macs vs Unix

by Mike Berry, April 11th 1995
UNIX: cd /usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin/registration

MAC : 	click on usr
	find, then click on local
	find, then click on etc
	find, then click on httpd
	find, then click on cgi-bin
	find, then click on registration
	fuck, windows all over the place.
	close usr
	close local
	close etc
	close httpd
	close cgi-bin

	oh, wait, a shortcut!!!

	"Apple"-F : find registration
	wait some more
	"show" registration
	close find application

UNIX:   cp test.txt /

MAC :   Click on "test.txt"
	Then hold down the "option" key
	if (disk_icon is visible) 
	    drag(test.txt to disk_icon)
	   let go of the "option" key 
	   move everything around sporadically until disk_icon appears
	    drag(test.txt to disk_icon)

UNIX: rm test
MAC : if (you_know_the_super_special_i'd_tell_you_but_i'd_have_to_kill_you_top_secret_key_combination) 
	  then do_it;
	  if (you_can_see_the_trashcan) 
		  drag "test" to trashcan
		  move everything sporadically until you can 
		  see the trashcan
	Click on Special->Empty Trash

UNIX: emacs
MAC : simpletext
nuff said.
UNIX: rm -rf /*

MAC : Are you sure you want to do this? y
No, really, Are you sure you want to do this?y
No, really, can we call your parents first?n
I don't really think you meant to do that. y
No, really, Are you sure you want to do this?y
Perhaps we should discuss the files, one by one.
I think we're getting a divorce.y
"I ... love ... trash" (stupid sesame street extension)
Sorry, system folder is in use.  Quit application?y
Sorry, cannot quit system folder. 
Sorry, Item "Trash" cannot be removed because has items in it that
are in use.