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OPC: Other People's Computers

Hey, whaddya think I'm some kinda geek or something? Spending all my time in front of my computer? No way, I get out into this big ole world of ours and . . use other peoples computers!

My first taste of other peoples computers started at school were we had BBC micros (have you ever fought at a door to get a machine with a Colour Monitor?) and then Macintoshes. Apart from these I often use other peoples PC's and have dabbled with Suns, VAXen and Linux boxes over the internet. My latest achievement was setting up and programming a Cisco 512CS Access Server


I used to love playing games but now they don't seem to have the same attraction (am I an old fogey?). Now I occasionally play Sokoban and have a round of my all time favourite game Bubble Bobble.

Programming Poem

This textfile was leeched from LSD's Grapevine Magazine Issue #16

by Kei

Another program
that I have no time to work on
More code to compile
which will take a while
More errors to de-bug
while bastards look smug
More bits to fit
in this pile of shit
More routines to include
in this code that's crude
No Graphics of yet
and music I must get
It wasn't fun
and god knows if it will run!



Phrase To Watch For In Advertisements

Phrase - Real Meaning
You will be joining a Department - Maintenance.

You will work on a range of systems - Maintenance.

An exciting range of work - More Maintenance.

You will be dealing with users - Even more maintenance.

This is a highly visiible role - You will get the blame.

You will have at least 2 years experience - O.K. 18 months.

There is a prospect of gaining experience - Oh no, there isn't.

You will need to be self-motivating - Invisible manager.

New opportunity following re-organisation - Trouble.

High calibre candidate required - Big Trouble.

Represents a tremendous
challenge to the right candidate - Very big trouble.

Dynamic business environment - Everything done on the hoof.

Oldham is a town of friendliness and character
bordered on one side by Manchester and on the other
by the unspoilt beauty of the Pennines - No-one wants to live here.

These were all excerpts from advertisements in the computer press.

Millenium Bugging You?

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