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My main hobby is Knowledge, particularly everything, that has to do with technology, computer, science, astronomy, biology, medicine, psychology, parapsychology, soziology, and history. I describe my behaviour towards information as like that of an sponge towards water. I sometimes get described as an walking encyclopedia.


I am quite a book worm and so have read quite a bit (and that is only the computer section). It has resulted in about 12m of bookshelfes

Apart from anything technical or scientific I also like fantasy literature, like Lord of the Rings from JRR Tolkien.


One important hobby is computers since I in November 1981 at age of 16 for the first time met one and immediately fell in love with programming (I had already had electronics as hobby before). Since then they have as hobby and as job been central to my life. In this time I have made quite a few experiences with many types of them.

I am a member of a few user groups:

And take an active part in some websites and events: And written quite a bit of articles and lectures.


I am on the Internet since September 1992 (Office) resp. December 1992 (at home). Until December 1993 only mail via UUCP, since then full Internet via SLIP then from May 1997 PPP and from December 2000 cable TV. Unfortunately no leased line, but at least a housed server May 1997 to Aug 1998. Since Feb 1998 sysadmin at an university, there on their servers. Later on own housed server. Today on the common Server on an group of colleagues.

Of course I like surfing the Web and doing mail lists intensively (5-15 hours per week, massive time sink).

Television is totally unimportant for me (3-10 hours per year), and when then usually documentary films or historical (doku, drama) or mostly sport. To the present television mixture of news, crime and adverts I have no relationship. Internet is a lot better than TV. <3>Historic I am also a fan of historical stuff (specially places, buildings, costume, vehicles and machinery). Often I visit such on Holidays (exa. 1996 Cluny en Bourgogne (F), Bath (GB), Calke Abbey (GB), 2 vehicle meetings (busses, steam vehicles), 1997 steam railway Furka). I also visit events where people meet in historic costume (medieval markets, but also Mittelerde Fest and its spawned events).

I am present since 2004 at the VCFe (historic computer meeting), as lecturer and/or exhibitor.

Anime and Manga

I regularily visit Anime and Manga events (Anime Marathon, Japan Animanga Night, Connichi, Daanicon), and also have at home a largish collection (and too little time to view it all :-)).


On friday after the last work day I go to the TAT and shoot with my 1.90m (6'7") long bow. I do it soley for relaxation, not for tournament. On monday evening I go stick fighting in the Shin-Aiki group of the sport club of the local university. At irregular times I visit Kido/Kijutzu (mental martial arts) weekend trainings. I also do once or twice per week 3-5 hours walking.


Since a while I before and after sleeping do meditation exercises, as consequence of the scarce Kido/Kijutzu trainings (2-3 per year). On Tuesday I at the University go to Qi Gong and since lately also Yoga. Also I have visited an multiple weekend course in mental healing.
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