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I have had experiences with quite a few computers

Columbia Commander 924, at MNG, from 1981.11 to 1984.04
main processor Z80-4, 64k RAM, 2*160k floppy
terminal processor Z80-4, 32k RAM, 512x256 B/W graphics
OS UCSD p system, languages first UCSD Pascal on main processor
then Z80 Assembler on terminal processor
Sharp EL-5100, at home, from 1983.?? to 198x.??
Programmable Calculator, algorithmic, 80+80+70Bytes
Dragon 32, at home, from 1984.05 to 1985.04 + 1992.?? to today
6809, 32k RAM, TV 256x192 9 color graphics, audio tape
OS and language MS Basic, then 6809 Assembler
Hewlett-Packard 33E, at SR, from 1984.?? to 1986.09
Programmable Calculator, RPN, 56+49Bytes
Prime 750, at SR, from 1984.08 to 1986.09
Minicomputer, dual terminals per workplace (Televideo(?) text and Westward 19" B/W graphics)
OS Primos, application Medusa CAD (2D)
Multitech MPF-1P and Intertec Superbrain, at BMS, from 1985.04 to 1986.03
MPF-1P Z80, 4k RAM, custom interface, run Lift controller
Superbrain Z80, 64k RAM, 2*400k floppy, used for edit/assemble
Commodore C64, at home, from 1985.05 to 1987.12
6502-1, 64k RAM, video monitor 320x200 16 color, 1*170k floppy
OS and language CBM Basic
then 6502 Assembler and FIG Forth
Hewlett-Packard 41CV, at home, from 1986.?? to today
Programmable Calculator, RPN, 2233Bytes
DEC PDP-11 and DEC VAX, at TWI, from 1987.10 to 1989.09
Minicomputer, VT 220 terminals, terminal server, Ethernet
OS RSX-11 and VMS, language DEC/VAX Pascal
Taiwan PC/AT Clones, at home, from 1988.01 to today
80286-12, 1M RAM, Tseng 3000 800x600 16 color, 14" monitor, 40MB HD (MFM)
then 80386-16, 4MB RAM, Tseng 4000 1152x864, 100MB HD (SCSI)
then 2000MB HD, 8MB RAM, 17" monitor, ATI Mach 32
then Cx468DX/4-100+16MB RAM, +16MB RAM
old 386 parts reassembled to use as backup machine
then 21" monitor, Matrox Millennium 8MB
then AMD K6-2/350+64MB RAM, 8500MB HD
old 486 parts reassembled to use as 2nd backup machine
then K6-2/350 extended to 192M RAM, 2 73G disks
then 486 upgrade with second AMD K6-2/350+128M and old 8.5G disk
OS MS-DOS 3.3, languages Turbo Pascal, MS Quick C, MS Quick Basic, 8086 Assembler, then Linux 1.0.8 Slackware, 1.2.9 SUSE Slackware, 2.0.27 Debian rex/1.2, 2.2.13 Slackware 7, 2.4.22 Debian woody/3.0, 2.4.22 Slackware 9.1, 2.4.26 Slackware 10
c't TEK4/8 Transputer, at home, from 1988.03 to 1991.12
first T414 processor and 1M RAM, then T800, then 2M RAM
OS none, boots directly user software, language Occam 2, then Helios (Unix clone)
Hewlett-Packard 28C, at home, from 1988.09 to 1992.??
Programmable Calculator, RPL, 2kByte
TWI TK-51, at TWI, from 1989.05 to 1989.06
8051 single chip computer, trainings kit
as semester project debugged hardware, wrote monitor, language 8051 Assembler
c't EPAC-68008, at TWI, from 1989.09 to 1989.10
68008, 32k RAM, 2*RS232 single board computer
as diploma project wrote BIOS/OS for existing Atari ST monitor, language 68k Assembler
Taiwan PC/AT Clone, at CSD, from 1990.02 to 1990.04
80286, 1MB RAM, diskless, Ethernet, Novell 2.xx
OS MS-DOS 3.3, language C
IBM PS/2 Model 80, at SI, from 1990.04 to 1990.09
386DX16, 2MB RAM, 300MB HD (ESDI), HP ScanJet, PostScript Laser
OS MS-DOS 3.3/Win 2.11, language dBase IV
Taiwan PC/AT Clone, at SI, from 1990.10 to 1994.09
386DX33, 4MB RAM, 100MB HD (IDE), Laserwriter II, Localtalk
OS MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.0, language Dbase 4, then C
1992.05 tested OS/2 2.0 on it, needed 8M RAM, no hi-res video drivers
1992.07 dropped OS/2 because no DECnet drivers and no X terminal emulator, switched to DOS 5.0/Win 3.1
Hewlett-Packard 48S(X), at home, from 1991.?? to 1996/7.??
Programmable Calculator, RPL, 32kByte
NeXT NeXTcube+NeXTdimension, at home, from 1991.07 to 1996.04
68040-25 + 80860-33, 24+8MM RAM, 400MB HD (SCSI)
OS NeXTstep 2.1, language Objective-C
then NeXTstep 3.2
DEC VAXstation 4000VLC, at SI, from 1992.07 to 1994.09
X terminal emulator on the 386DX33 Win 3.1, Ethernet, DECnet
OS VMS 5.5, languages Fortran 77 and C
1992.09 Internet, over DECnet, via IF X.25 to ETHZ, only email
Hewlett-Packard 100LX, at home, from 1993.08 to today
Handheld Computer / Palmtop, 80186-9, 1MB RAM, 640x200 16 gray levels, 10MB FlashDisk
used 99% as note taker, changed my life style completely
IBM PC110, at home, from 1997.02 to 1999.04
486SX-33, 20MB RAM, 640x480 256 color 4.7", 85MB FlashDisk, PCMCIA Ethernet
then Linux 2.0.27 Debian
Internet server, at CCW, from 1997.05 to 1998.09
486DX-33, 8MB RAM, 400MB HD (IDE)
OS Linux 2.0.27, WU-FTP, Apache httpd, ssh
SGI Indy, at ETHZ CAAD, from 1998.02 to 1999.12
MIPS R4600-100, 64MB RAM, 500+2000MB HD, 17" Monitor
OS Irix 5.3
Sun SparcServer 1000, at ETHZ CAAD, from 1998.02 to 2002.04
UltraSparc I, Sun4d, 128MB RAM, Sparc Storage Array, 21*1000MB+8*2000MB HD, 10+100MBit/s Ethernet, 19" Monitor
OS Solaris 2.51, then Solaris 2.7, then Solaris 2.6
SGI Origin 200, at ETHZ CAAD, from 1998.02 to 2002.04
2*MIPS R10000-180, 128MB RAM, 2*2000MB+2*8500MB HD, VT220
then 256MB RAM, +2*34000MB HD
OS Irix 6.4, then Irix 6.5
2*Sun UltraEnterprise2, at ETHZ CAAD, from 1998.03 to 2002.04
each 2*UltraSparcII, Sun4u, 256MB RAM, Enterprise Storage Array, first 6*8500MB + second 4*8500MB HD, 2*100MBit/s Eth, 17" Moni
then first 4*34000MB HD + second all 10*8500MB HDs
OS Solaris 2.6
DEC VAXstation 3100M38, at home, from 1998.08 to 2002.11
VAX Processor (3.8 VUPS), 24MB RAM, 100+600MB HD, TK50, SPX Video, 20" monitor
OS VAX/VMS 5.5-1
SGI Origin 200, at ETHZ Arch, from 1999.10, to 2002.04
2 Chassis, 2*2*MIPS R12000-270, 2*512MB RAM, 2*8500+2*3*17000MB HD 2*1000MBit/s Ethernet, Indy 5000 as console terminal
OS Irix 6.5
SGI Indy 5000, at ETHZ Arch, from 1999.12 to 2000.04
MIPS R5000-150, 160MB RAM, 4000MB HD, 17" Monitor
OS Irix 6.5
SGI O2, at ETHZ Arch, from 2000.05 to 2002.04
MIPS R5000-200, 128MB RAM, 2000MB HD, 17" Monitor
OS Irix 6.5
DEC VT100 Terminal, at home, from 2000.10 to 2004.01
ASCII/ANSI video terminal, 8080+Z80, RS232, DEI Retro-Graphics VT640 enhancement
OS none (embedded device)
DEC Pro 350, at home, from 2000.10 to 2001.11
PDP11 Processor F-11, 512k RAM, 20MByte HD, dual 5 174" Floppy, B/W 12" video monitor
Compaq Deskpro 4000, at ETHZ Arch, from 2000.11 to 2002.04
Pentium, 48MB RAM, 1.5GB HD
OS Linux 2.2.17 Debian
DEC VT220 Terminal, at home, from 2001.11 to 2004.01
ASCII/ANSI Videoterminal, 8051, RS232
OS none (embedded device)
SGI Indy 5000 (the one 6 above), at home, from 2002.04 to today
MIPS R5000-150, 160MB RAM, 4000MB HD, 17" Monitor
OS Irix 6.5.13
Dalco Athlon, at ETHZ Phys, from 2002.05 to 2006.12
AMD AthlonXP 1700+ 1.45(?)GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD
then Shuttle Barebone, AMD AthlonXP 2600+ 1.9GHz
OS Linux 2.4.23 Debian
Apple //e, at home, from 2002.11 to 2004.01
6502, 48kB RAM, 10MB HD, 3 FDs, TV Monitor
Lear Siegler ADM-3A Terminal, at home, from 2003.04 to 2004.01
ASCII Videoterminal, RS232
OS none (pure hardware, no processor)
IBM Thinkpad T40p, at home, from 2004.04 to today
Intel Pentium-M 1.6GHz, 512M RAM, 80G HD, 14" LCD
then external monitor 21", 100G HD, old 80G in USB Box, 2nd 100G USB, external Monitor 15", 4*300G USB, 4*400G USB
Northtec MicroClient Jr, at home, from 2007.01 to today
SiS 550 "Vortex86", 128M RAM, 32M CF (boot) and 160M HD
Tektronix LT-ACS Model DP84, at home, from 2007.04 to today
LCD Terminal, 8085, RS232-like with Power over Serial
OS none (embedded device)
Multitech Micro-Professor MPF-1P, at home, from 2008.03 to today
Z80 microprocessor trainings kit with ASCII + 20*14seg with cash register printer, Z80PIO+Z80CTC card, 6522 card OS ROM Monitor mit Zeilenassembler
Hewlett-Packard 25C, at home, from 2009.09 to today
Programmable Calculator, RPN, 56+49Bytes
Hewlett-Packard 20S, at home, from 2009.09 to today
Programmable Calculator, algorithmic, 80+99Bytes
Internet Connection: 1992.12 only email over UUCP via nice.ch, 1993.12 full TCP/IP over SLIP to eunet.ch, 1997.05 PPP to dolphins.ch, 1998.04 PPP to work ETH Zürich, 2000.12 CaTV to Hispeed

I have today at home

Dragon 32
in archive, runnable but colours defect
Hewlett-Packard 41CV
in productive use
Taiwan PC/AT Clones, 3 of them (386-16 and 2 K6-2/350)
386 in archive, defective HD, was Linux 2.0.27
K6-2 both runnable for monthly backup, Linux 2.4.26
Hewlett-Packard 100LX
in archive, runnable, MS-DOS 5.0
SGI Indy 5000
in archive, runnable, OS Irix 6.5.13
IBM Thinkpad T40p
in productive use, main system, Linux
Northtec MicroClient Jr
in productive use, netbackup server,Linux 2.4.26
Tektronix LT-ACS Model DP84
in archive, DC/DC converter defective
Multitech Micro-Professor MPF-1P
in archive, runnable
Hewlett-Packard 25C
in archive, runnable
Hewlett-Packard 20S
in productive use

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